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Fri 11.9.

‘Z am Park’ in Zurich / Switzerland by Aekae

Posted by Nora Schmidt on 11.09.2009 - Tagged as: , , ,

'Z am Park' in Zurich

'Z am Park' in Zurich by Aekae, Photo by Nico Schaerer

The architects from Aekae presented us their newest interior project. The Cafe/Bar “Z am Park” is situated at a Park in a former workers district of Zurich, and offers 45 seats inside, and 50 on the terrace. They serve an exceptional coffee, and on the small but nice menu there are drinks and bites, with a brunch special on weekends.

'Z am Park' in Zurich, Photo by Nico Schaerer

'Z am Park' in Zurich, Photo by Nico Schaerer

More information gives us the architects:

The location at the Park offers nice views of the trees, and we didn’t want to distract from these with a flashy, over designed interior, thus keeping it simple.

Inspiration came from Classic elements of a French park-café that where interpreted in a modern way. The main Objective of the Design was to create an unpretentious and relaxed space that effortlessly combines the old and the new.

We questioned the common perception and placing of materials, while being reasonnable in the use of them. So parts of the former flooring, an oak-herringbone-parquet, were used to form the Bar and Couches, all contrasted by the warm gray, monochromatic Space.

Materials were re-used where possible; old curtains were handpicked for the shifting upholstery, and a modular vintage lamp (by Trix and Robert Haussmann, 1965), was chosen to create a glowing lighting.

We wanted the interior to keep evolving, so instead of just placing the classic Horgenglarus Bistrochairs (Mod. Classic 1-380) in the Space, we asked various artists and designers to each re-work 4 of them in their own way.

'Z am Park' by Aekae, Photo by Nico Schaerer

'Z am Park' by Aekae, Photo by Nico Schaerer



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