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Thu 24.2.

World War II bunkers photographed by Jonathan Andrew (NL)

Posted by Nora Schmidt on 24.02.2011 - Tagged as: , , ,

Type 583a / M178, fire control post for medium and heavy batteries, Heerenduin, Ijmuiden, Netherlands, photo by Jonathan Andrew

The British born but Amsterdam based photographer Jonathan Andrew created this series of photos of World War II bunkers in the North of France and the Netherlands. Photographed at night and illuminated by direct floodlights these architectural concrete monsters are staged to tell the story of their sinister function.

Type 219, casemate for anti-tank gun, Lefrinckrouke, Zuydcoote, France, photo by Jonathan Andrew

Type 483, central radio transmitter bunker, Spaandam, The Netherlands, photo by Jonathan Andrew

R363 fire control post, Leffinckoucke, Zuydcoote, Plage l'ouest de Zuycoote, France, Jonathen Andrew

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