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Thu 23.8.

‘Wild about Ikura’ by Aino Kavantera (FI)

Posted by Susanne Fritz on 23.08.2012 - Tagged as: , ,

‘Ikura’ Vases by Aino Kavantera

‘Ikura’ is a collection of sculptural ceramic vases and lamps, created from spherical and molecular-style components that attach to one another. The ‘molecules’ across each vase have a hole for a single stem, allowing the vase to become a striking multi-dimensional floral display when dressed up.


With ‘Ikura’, this year’s solo project, Kavantera has explored molecular construction further, creating a mesmerizing sculptural element in smaller scale. The vases’ design draws inspiration from a 17th century Dutch pyramid vase with holes for multiple flowers that primarily served as a decorative showpiece as well as from fish roe (Ikura in Japanese). For the production of ‘Ikura’, Kavantera worked with artisan potters in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, the region known as the world capital of ceramics.


For ‘Wild about Ikura’ Aino Kavantera has teamed up with Clerkenwell florist Wildabout to create a stunning window installation featuring beautiful vases and lamps from the ‘Ikura’ collection, incorporating some of Wildabout’s best quality decorative flowers. The show will take place at Wildabout’s showroom, 87 Clerkenwell Road, from 16-29 September 2012 as part of the London Design Festival.


‘Ikura’ is a continuation of the design processes Kavantera explored in the critically acclaimed exhibition Fin Noir, showcased at Paris Fashion Week in October 2011. Designed in collaboration with Frederica Capitani, it featured a large-scale ‘Himmelinna’ installation, made of a number of stacked symmetrical components.


The ‘Ikura’ vase is available at www.ainokavantera.com in three different sizes – small, medium and large – and in three coloured finishes, shiny black, matt white and copper bronze lustre.

‘Ikura’ Vases by Aino Kavantera

‘Ikura’ Vases by Aino Kavantera

‘Ikura’ Vases by Aino Kavantera