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Tue 21.12.

‘Watervilla de Omval’ by +31ARCHITECTS (NL)

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'Watervilla de Omval' by +31ARCHITECTS, photo by Colin Morsch

Since approximately 25% of the Netherlands is below sea level, no wonder that it is famous for its colonies of houseboats. The Amsterdam based +31ARCHITECTS realised this luxurious version which floats in the Amstel river of Amsterdam.

'Watervilla de Omval' by +31ARCHITECTS, photo by Colin Morsch

“The design has, unlike most floating houses, a very contemporary design without losing the characteristic appearance of the typical houseboat. The clients get a lot of positive reactions, it evens happens that people who pass by boat knock on the windows and ask if they can enter the boat.

Living on the water gets more and more popular in Holland. The clients/ owners who come to our office always love the typical charms and characteristics of living on the water but don’t like the standard “caravan” appearance of the existing houseboats. More and more people want to live on a contemporary houseboat that has been designed for their specific needs, the houseboat at De Omval is an obvious example of this wish.”

'Watervilla de Omval' by +31ARCHITECTS, photo by Colin Morsch

“The clients wanted a boat with an open floor plan where they could enjoy the views to the water and the outdoor space to a maximum. The distinguished curved line of the facade directly derives from this desire and the restriction that the boat couldn’t be more than three meters above the water.

The living area and open kitchen are located on the waterfront, from here one has a panoramic view at the Amstel and you can enter the floating terrace. Following on from the living area and kitchen the bedroom is located on a split level. The split level introduces an open route to the ground floor of the boat and, at the same time, makes it possible to create a terrace on the south side without exceeding the maximum building height.”

'Watervilla de Omval' by +31ARCHITECTS, photo by Colin Morsch

“To accentuate the round lines of the facade it is carried out in with shiny aluminum.
The white plastered walls and ceilings follow the curve of the facade creating a seamless transition from the exterior to the interior.”

'Watervilla de Omval' by +31ARCHITECTS, photo by Colin Morsch

'Watervilla de Omval' by +31ARCHITECTS, photo by Colin Morsch

Design team:

Architect: +31ARCHITECTS, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Project team: Jasper Suasso de Lima de Prado and Jorrit Houwert

Client: private

Project partners:
Building contractor: Dijkhuis Aannemersbedrijf b.v. / Ardesch, Hardenberg, The Netherlands
Cabinet maker: Forsa meubels, Utrecht, The Netherlands

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For technical support contact Alfred Giolai ‘Watervilla de Omval’ by +31ARCHITECTS (NL)