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Fri 9.10.

Vive la Glühbirne – Light Matters! Ingo Maurer exhibition in Munich

Posted by Nora Schmidt on 09.10.2009 - Tagged as: , , , , ,

'Woonderlux' LED lamp by Ingo Maurer

'Woonderlux' LED lamp by Ingo Maurer

At this year’s Euroluce in Milan the German designer and manufacturer Ingo Maurer expressed his initiative against the EU ban of light bulbs already, when he presented the ‘Euro Condom’ – an ironic answer on the Europe-wide production stop of matt light bulbs.

Concerning this topic on October 15th the exhibition ‘Vive la Glühbirne (light bulb) – Light Matters!’ with speeches by Ingo Maurer will open at the Ingo Maurer Showroom, Kaiserstrasse 47 in Munich. Opening Party October 15th from 6pm.

How to matt your light bulb: 'Euro Condom' by Ingo Maurer

How to matt your light bulb: 'Euro Condom' by Ingo Maurer

An abridgment of Ingo Maurers ‘Statement concerning the light bulb’:

“For over 40 years, Ingo Maurer and team have designed lighting products based on the idea that for each specific situation and application the most suitable type of light should be chosen. We have consistently embraced new lighting technologies: since 1983, we were leaders in the use of low-voltage halogen lamps; since 1996 we have been working with LEDs. Improvements in LED quality now make it possible to create a table lamp with very low power consumption. In 2008 we designed and produced a limited edition table lamp called Early Future using OLED technology as a light source.

In spite of this we consider the quality of an incandescent bulb‘s light irreplaceable. We do not shy away from the new, or from change. What we question is the compact fluorescent bulb as the “one and only light source” for private homes, and our opinion is shared by a large number of Europeans (as well as people from other continents). We request that the incandescent bulb should remain our companion, at least as a spare part of ‚design classics‘. We acknowledge that it must be used more conciously, and this practice needs to be applied to all other areas of power consumption.”

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