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Sun 8.11.

Video: Symbiotica light sculpture by Kit Webster (AU)

Posted by Walter Phillips on 08.11.2015 - Tagged as: ,

Symbiotica light sculpture by Kit Webster

Symbiotica light sculpture by Kit Webster

Commissioned by architects The Buchan Group for an apartment complex in Melbourne, Symbiotica is a geometric light sculpture illuminated by full-colour LED pixels which are choreographed to systematically allow animations to flow across its surface.




Says designer Kit Webster, “the sculpture mimics a living presence, welcoming the residents as they arrive home at night and providing a luminescent beacon for the community. The pixels positioned throughout the sculpture are fully programmable, allowing the work to fluidly change appearance, daily and seasonally. While highly technological in its construction and expression, its animated light movements flow sporadically and organically. The deconstructivist geometric neural design and programmed illumination suggest visual references to an interconnected ecosystem, an abstract reflection of our networked existence.”


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