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Tue 23.6.

‘Urban Camping’ by import.export Architecture

Posted by Nora Schmidt on 23.06.2009 - Tagged as: , ,

'Urban Camping' by import.export Architecture

'Urban Camping' by import.export Architecture

The Belgian architects of import.export Architecture recently presented their concept of an urban camping tower.

Here the explanation of the architects:

‘Camping’ is defined as getting away from an urban area, and enjoying nature, spending one or more nights on a location. As such, the phrase ‘urban camping’ contradicts itself.

A new interest in city travelling has sparked a rise in low-budget travelling accommodation requiring a rethinking of urban visitor sleeping solutions. Existing low budget hotels, but also contemporary youth hostels are a limited and often poor answer to this general demand for cheap lodging in the city-centres. On the other hand, campers trying to visit cultural city centres on their drifting routes, often encounter camping areas located in the city’s anonymous expanding outer limits.

'Urban Camping' by import.export Architecture

'Urban Camping' by import.export Architecture

import.export Architects wants to setup an experimental process of research and design around this topic. A second generation and more refined model of the ‘Urban Camping’ is designed and ready to be realized. For the Kaailand Festival exposition on mobile Architecture, ‘Urban Camping II’ is built on the Antwerp quays near the river Schelde.

This type can be implanted in any city centre that likes to experiment with this new type of urban camping. That is open to create a place for local and international travellers that are welcomed to stay for an ‘escape’ into rather than away from the city life. To create a place where adventurous city wanderers can stay overnight, meet other campers, find a safe shelter with basic designed practical facilities focusing on extraordinary vistas of city exploration.

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