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‘Unfold’ pendant by Uli Budde (DE)

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'Unfold' pendant by Uli Budde

Inspired by the round brilliant diamond cut studied and developed by a Belgian engineer Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919, Berlin-based product designer Uli Budde has designed this geometric, 18-karat-gold pendant necklace. Called ‘Unfold’, the helical pendant has been realised in collaboration with the renowned Austrian jeweller A.E. Köchert and the design has been recently featured in ‘A Girl’s Best Friends – Creative Jewelry Design’ volume published by Gestalten Verlag.

'Unfold' pendant by Uli Budde

More about ‘Unfold’:


‘With ‘Unfold’ designer Uli Budde has studied the anatomy of this shape, focusing less on the value of the diamond, but trying to understand its form. Reducing the volume of the cut stone to flat facets reveals a different understanding of its geometry, and makes it clear and understood by gradual exposure. The examining, unpacking, peeling down and unfolding of the centerpiece of jewelry has resulted in the necklace ‘Unfold’.


‘Budde developed the shape using paper models then had the final design rapid-prototyped in wax and cast in gold. The inside of the curling pendant retains the rough marks of it’s laser-sintered mould, while the outside is polished.’

'Unfold' pendant by Uli Budde

'Unfold' pendant by Uli Budde

'Unfold' pendant by Uli Budde

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