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Thu 9.9.

‘Unbeweaveable’ by Alexander Purcell for Aprro Design (US)

Posted by Nora Schmidt on 09.09.2010 - Tagged as: , , , , , ,

'Unbeweaveable' by Aprro

Admittedly its name is not what you call a very good wordplay but the wingback chair ‘Unbeweaveable’
designed by Alexander Purcell for the US brand Aprro Design is a beautiful in and outdoor furniture series anyway. Inspired by threshold living such as occurs in California and other similar climates its form is informed by the Victorian wingback and contemporized by a bent stainless frame. Hand knitted polypropylene rope reminiscent of a hammock is woven to the frame creating a suspended seat.

'Unbeweaveable' armchair by Aprro

'Unbeweaveable' stool by Aprro

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For technical support contact Alfred Giolai ‘Unbeweaveable’ by Alexander Purcell for Aprro Design (US)