January 2022

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Fri 29.10.

‘Twist’ lamp by Alain Berteau for Aluci at Interieur 2010 (BE)

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'Twist' lamp by Alain Berteau for Belgian lighting brand Aluci

Belgian architect/designer Alain Berteau is a hard taskmaster. ‘When you switch it off, you’re not looking at a dead machine,’ Berteau said of his new ‘Twist’ LED lamp for Belgian lighting manufacturer Aluci, while in conversation with Architonic at the recent Interieur 2010 design biennale in Kortrijk. The piece’s highly reduced, architectural form ensures that it continues to work as an intriguing space-defining presence beyond its utilitarian function as a light source.

Alain Berteau's 'Twist' lamp comes in kit form, inviting creative assembly by the user

Berteau makes the user work, too. The lamp is purchased in kit form, which can then be assembled in a number of sculptural permutations. As the product name suggests, there is nothing final about the piece’s configuration; twisting the bars produces a new, possibly unpredicted, and once again provisional, form.

Work never felt so good.

The lamp's design allows a number of sculptural permutations

Twisting the lamp's individual components produces new, at times unexpected, forms

Coming soon: our in-depth interview with Alain Berteau from the Interieur 2010 design biennale at www.architonic.com

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