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Thu 23.5.

‘Travel Cut-out Prints’ by OKOLO (CZ)

Posted by Walter Phillips on 23.05.2013 - Tagged as:

In the air, 'Travel Cut-out Prints' by OKOLO

Detail from In the air, ‘Travel Cut-out Prints’ by OKOLO

Czech design collective OKOLO have designed three cut-out prints inspired by the golden age of jetset travelling for Here & There, an NYCxDesign Week 2013 exhibition at Various Projects curated by designer Jonah Takagi.



On the water, 'Travel Cut-out Prints' by OKOLO

On the water, ‘Travel Cut-out Prints’ by OKOLO

“Inspired by golden age of jetset travelling, we have created three thematic prints showing three types of travelling: on the water, in the air and on the road.” says OKOLO. “Each theme is represented by illustration of concrete vehicle. Republic Seabee airplane, Maserati 450S Costin-Zagato and Swan sailboat are included.”




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For technical support contact Alfred Giolai ‘Travel Cut-out Prints’ by OKOLO (CZ)