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Fri 4.2.

‘Timeline’ by Luca Nichetto for Skultuna (SE)

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Luca Nichetto's 'Timeline' brass-bowl collection for Skultuna

Playing with the idea of the patina that certain objects aquire over time, Italian designer Luca Nichetto has designed a collection of brass bowls called ‘Timeline’ for Swedish manufacturer Skultuna, which will be shown at next week’s Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Luca Nichetto's 'Timeline' brass-bowl collection for Skultuna

The vessels feature a series of grooves on their outer surface, which darken over time as the brass oxidises but can’t be cleaned away.


Here’s what Luca Nichetto’s studio has to say about ‘Timeline’:

Timeline embodies the articulation of time. In the Timeline collection of brass bowls, the very passage of time itself becomes a decorative element: a pattern of circles incised in the surface of the objects undergoes an increasing process of oxidation with each passing day, thereby generating a contrast of light and dark.

The idea behind these small multi-use bowls came from Luca Nichetto’s childhood in Venice. When he has little, he would watch his grandmother polish the traditional brass door knockers on her front door. After being cleaned, these objects, which took a variety of forms and were typical of Venetian homes, always remained darker in the grooves and incised areas where the cleaner’s hand or brush could not remove the oxidation.

Design: Luca Nichetto

Client: Skultana

Exhibition: Stockholm Furniture Fair (Stand AG:34B);

Designgalleriet (Odengatan 21), Stockholm

For technical support contact Alfred Giolai ‘Timeline’ by Luca Nichetto for Skultuna (SE)