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Tue 30.7.

‘The Universe of Mats Theselius’ exhibition at Vandalorum, Småland (SE)

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'The Universe of Mats Theselius' runs at the Vandalorum museum in Smaland from 15 June to 22 September, 2013

‘The Universe of Mats Theselius’ runs at the Vandalorum museum in Smaland from 15 June to 22 September, 2013; photo: John Nelander

One of Scandinavia’s most celebrated designers, Mats Theselius is a true master – and a magpie. His work can be situated in the fields of both art and design, ‘moving effortlessly…between utopia and practice, between exclusivity and popular expressions’, as Elna Svenle, director at Vandalorum, puts it.


Mats Theselius_Foto Fabian Svensson

Designer Mats Theselius; photo: Fabian Svensson

The museum, located in Småland in Southern Sweden, is currently hosting a survey of his numerous furniture pieces, garments and architectural structures, making clear the way in which Theselius draws his inspiration from wherever he finds it – be that different countries, cultures and eras. His iconic ‘Elk Leather Chair’ from the mid-1980s is joined by a range of object and project types, a number of them limited-edition pieces.


'The Universe of Mats Theselius' exhibition at Sweden's Vandalorum museum. In the foreground, the designer's 'Elk Leather Chair' from 1986; photo: John Nelander

‘The Universe of Mats Theselius’ exhibition at Sweden’s Vandalorum museum. In the foreground, the designer’s ‘Elk Leather Chair’ from 1986; photo: John Nelander


The Vandalorum writes:


‘The exhibition is also a unique presentation of the process leading up to each project. Not in the form of sketches and prototypes, customary in exhibitions, but rather through the actual objects that surround Mats Theselius and that he is inspired by and that he references in his work. There are books, toys, musical instruments and fascinating everyday objects that he has brought home from travels worldwide, a collection that today is an invaluable source for new ideas.’



The Universe of Mats Theselius


15 June – 22 September, 2013



Museum Vandalorum

Vandalorum is a museum of international contemporary art and design located outside Värnamo in Småland in the south of Sweden. The museum was initiated by artists and inaugurated in April of 2011. It is built after an original concept by the Italian architect Renzo Piano, with inspiration from local building traditions and materials.