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Fri 10.9.

The Tramshed – a striking new venue at the London Design Festival

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The Tramshed at the former electricity power station for the Shoreditch tram system

Beside the well-curated trade fair 100%Design in London the number of satellite events during London’s Design Festival is increasing every year. Especially Shoreditch, one of London’s old worker’s districts with its disused industrial buildings is a hub for exhibitions beyond the usual fair atmosphere. A brand new venue is The Tramshed at the former electricity power station for the Shoreditch tram system.

The Tramshed in Shoreditch

Initiated by De La Espada’s founding director Luis de Oliveira, and delivered by respected design-event experts Deborah Spencer and Alice Breed, 25 exclusive international design brands, including Studioilse, Scin, Autoban, Another Country, Bocci, Michael Sodeau, Dezeen Watch Store, Matthew Hilton and Kvadrat, will showcase their latest collections.

A major part of the event is ‘The Tramshed Live’, a programme of presentations and discussions under the overall theme of ‘New Directions for Design’, curated by design writer and seminar conference producer Aidan Walker (scroll down for the whole ‘The Tramshed Live’ programme).

The British label Benchmark will transport their Kintbury workshops to the Tramshed, where skilful craftsmen will build a range of furniture

'Settle' bench and 'Together' table by Studioilse will be showcased within the 'Human Made' exhibition by De La Espada

'Butterfly' chair by Autoban

'Flower Cup' chair by Leif.designpark

'Tripod' chair by voonwong&bensonsaw for Decode. The British label presents its third collection

'The Flight' sofa by RVW, The Tramshed hosts the official UK launch of the Swedish label

‘The Tramshed Live’ programme

Wednesday 22 September, 6pm
‘Can design make us more human?’
Ilse Crawford, principal of StudioIlse and a figurehead for design that puts the human being at the centre. ‘Can design make us more human?’ This panel discussion with Ilse Crawford and contributors from outside the design world, sets out to explore what it means to ‘design with humanity’, or make ‘human-centred design’. Cities, places and products shape human behaviour. Designers and architects can create better places to live by focusing, right from the start, on the people who inhabit them, and addressing their needs – emotional and social as well as practical and functional. The session provides a keynote starting point for the discussion throughout the week; we all know that design needs to re-think its priorities, but where will we find the new order?


Ilse Crawford, principal of StudioIlse and distinguished practitioner of ‘emotional design’
Morgwn Rimel, Director, The School of Life;
Steph McDonald, principal and partner, 6a Architects

Thursday 23 September, 1.30pm
‘Augmented reality’ and the future of online retail
Shopping online has its advantages – speed and convenience – but it offers nothing to compare with the ‘flesh and blood’ experience of ‘real life’ shopping, which is crammed with the social and sensuous elements that make it (arguably) distinct, memorable and (sometimes) satisfying. We embark on a journey, with two renowned retail specialists and a state of the art technologist, through the possibilities that digital technology can offer to make online retail as real as it can be.

Doug Barber, MD, Barber Design Consultancy
Jon Tollit, Principal and Retail practice leader, Gensler
Alex Wrottesley, founder and partner, Near Global London

Thursday 23 September, 4.30pm
Luxury, necessity, sustainability – and a very unusual car
Innovative thinkers such as BMW’s Group Design Director Adriaan van Hooydonk, Milan-based designer Patricia Urquiola and colour and textile specialist Giulio Ridolfo have created a piece which is almost impossible to define in anything other than its own terms, but which, you may be sure, begs a myriad of questions. About the nature of personal transport, the social future of the automobile, the humanity of an automotive interior, the divide between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’, and the implications for a sustainable future. This is one definitely not to miss.

Adriaan van Hooydonk, group design director, BMW
Patricia Urquiola, Studio Urquiola
Lucia van der Post, distinguished style writer and Times columnist, founding editor of the Financial Times magazine ‘How to Spend It’
Giulio Ridolfo
More very distinguished names about to be confirmed. Watch this space!

Friday 24 September, 1.30pm
Redesigning design, remaking making
Well, maybe it isn’t all made in China any more. Or soon won’t be. A powerful international group of designers, manufacturers and the creative director of Britain’s best known design-led retailer introduce and explore the new context in which things are designed and made. The possibilities of rapid manufacturing, consumer engagement in the process, the significance of craft and the designer’s perennial quest for control of a process he or she may not well understand are all thrown wide open.

Matthew Hilton, distinguished furniture designer
Luis de Oliveira, principal, De La Espada
Theo Williams, creative director, Habitat
Assa Ashuach, Assa Ashuach Studio and Ucodo
Mizuho Naito, Leif Design Park

Friday 24 September, 6pm
Colour magic
How do people decide what will be the favourite colours for the next season, or the season after that? In a world where design pays a good deal more than lip service to fashion, it pays to unwrap the power and pull of colour in interiors and materials, and to match it with the mystery of the ‘touchy feely’ in texture and how and why we humans respond in the way we do. Plus some fascinating insights into the materials technologies that can make colour without pigment.

Annabelle Filer, principal, SCIN Materials Library
Justine Fox, editor, Mix magazine from Global Colour Research
Charlene Mullen, textile designer

Saturday 25 September, 1.30pm
The Tramshed Bicycle Extravaganza
The time is right for the bicycle to achieve greater social significance than ever before; it ticks all the environmental, fitness, urban design and wellbeing boxes; it is a design that cannot be improved upon. Or can it? We have bicycle designers, designers with and without bicycles, a designer creating bicycles out of wood for a famous furniture manufacturer, even an engineering innovation that will revolutionise downhill mountain biking. Bring your own bike and be prepared to be amazed!

Ben Wilson, designer not only of bicycles but a great many things besides;
Mark Sanders, MAS Design Products, designer of the Strida;
Jamie Anley, principal, JAM Design;
Luke Pearson, principal, Pearson Lloyd;
Chris Holloway, MESS Design

All sessions chaired by Aidan Walker, The Tramshed Live programme curator and are free to attend.

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