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Mon 10.8.

The Polaroid photography by Grant Hamilton

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Polaroid photography by Grant Hamilton

Polaroid photography by Grant Hamilton

When Polaroid decided to cease the production of the SX-70 films, the material for the legendary folding single lens reflex camera, photographers all over the world started to panic. No other instant film offers the same charm and softness. In 2008, Polaroid announced that they would even cease production of their last instant film format. The prices on ebay for the last films are going sky high and groups of polaroid enthusiast are taking the initiative to save the instant film.

Photo by Grant Hamilton

Photo by Grant Hamilton

The US photographer Grant Hamilton is one of the many apologists for Polaroid material. Before he bought his first Polaroid camera in 2006 he has been shooting abstract, geometric and minimalist photos with a digital camera.

“Although I felt like I was onto something, those images seemed sterile and lacked soul. I was introduced to Polaroid images through the internet and thought that the imperfections and characteristic colors perfectly suited the types of subjects I was interested in.[…] Through my photos, I strive to find beauty in the mundane. It is hard to describe to passers-by why, exactly, I am photographing the side of a bus or standing on a ladder on the side of a road, trying to reach a sign. Most of the time, however, people will see the beauty that I am seeing and will smile. Often they will remark that they never noticed that before.”

At the moment Grant is working on a documentary called Time Zero-the Last Year of Polaroid Film.

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