August 2020

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Fri 1.4.

‘The light room’ by studio bram geenen (NL)

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'Dyneema Chair' completed out of one textile, by Bram Geenen

With his smart and super-lightweight ‘Gaudi’ stool, made from carbon fibre the Dutch designer Bram Geenen caused a sensation. ‘The light room’ is his newest concept – a space whose furnishing, consisting of a shelf, an armchair, a stool and a coffee table wouldn’t weight more than 7,5 kg. Some of the pieces are made from Dyneema┬« – a highly versatile plastic fibre that has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any manmade material. It is used in aviation and aerospace.

Also, we found this video, which visualises the concept of the ‘Gaudi’ stool very well. Enjoy!

'The light room' by Bram Geenen

“The Dyneema chair was based on the idea that textiles can be very effective when dealing with tensile forces since the forces can be uniformly dispersed over the whole fabric. A whole chair can be made out of one strong textile. A woven dyneema will be used for the side-arches because this fabric shouldn’t stretch. For the comfort of the seating and backrest an elastic fabric is needed, so here knitted dyneema would be used. Finally a dyneema composite is used to form the solid that takes compressive forces”, the designer explains.

'Gaudi' stool as Dyneema version

This new version of the ‘Gaudi’ stool consists of a dyneema surface instead of carbon fibre.

'SLS' chair made with 3D printing techniques with a structure made from glass-filled nylon

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