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Mon 29.6.

The brothers Moorhead & Moorhead

Posted by Nora Schmidt on 29.06.2009 - Tagged as: , , , , , ,

Filament Wound Bench' by Moorhead & Moorhead

'Filament Wound Bench' by Moorhead & Moorhead

While Granger Moorhead studied architecture at Yale University his brother Robert made his Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design. After a couple of years work experience they formed their own studio Morrhead & Moorhead in New York. In fact many of their products somehow demonstrate the different educational background of the brothers.

One of my favourites is the ‘Filament Wound Bench’ which consists of an extremely light construction made of carbon fibre.

Production of the 'Filament Wound Bench'

Production of the 'Filament Wound Bench'

“The wrapping pattern for Filament Wound Bench was developed to allow a single band of filaments to be wrapped continuously around a reusable mold. The pattern can be easily adjusted using winding software, allowing a number of unique pieces to be generated off of a single mold.”

'Sidearm Chair' by Moorhead & Moorhead

'Sidearm Chair' by Moorhead & Moorhead

“‘Sidearm Chair’ was designed to enable a young company, with modest resources, to execute economic production runs. CNC technology efficiently converts readily available raw materials, with minimal waste and tooling. Outsourced components are shipped flat, minimizing shipping costs and warehouse space.”

'Felt Stool' by Moorhead & Moorhead

'Felt Stool' by Moorhead & Moorhead

The felt stool is an investigation in structural folding.

“Felt Stool is comprised primarily of a sheet of felt which has been folded and riveted to create structural volume and upholstery simultaneously.
In the spirit of origami, a series of folding patterns were developed, each starting with a single sheet of industrial felt. As the exploration evolved, the pattern was refined to efficiently use material and create a comfortable saddle-shaped seat.”

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