January 2022

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Mon 3.12.

‘Sidekick Stool’ by Timothy John for Thanks (NZ)

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‘Sidekick Stool’ by Timothy John for Thanks

A Kiwi furniture designer Timothy John has created this linear cork-and-metal stool for a New Zealand-based fashion brand Thanks. Composed of a round cork seat supported by a delicate, steel wire base which is available in either black or white colour versions, ‘Sidekick’ was inspired by “the silhouette of a glass science beaker.”


Wed 4.7.

‘Tick’ by Jakob Schenk for Linie 58 (DE)

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‘Tick’ by Jakob Schenk for Linie 58

Young German designer Jakob Schenk has realised this universal table leg system for his own, 2011-launched company Linie 58. Named ‘Tick’, the legs can be applied to virtually any board which in few easy steps can be converted into a one-of-a-kind table. Made of bent metal wire, ‘Tick’ is available in two widths and variety of finishes such as chrome coated or powder coated in semigloss black or white. (more…)

'ICON 03' chair by Jan Plecháč for NgispeN

Drawing his inspiration from the iconic De Stijl Red and Blue Chair designed by Gerrit Rietveld almost one hundred years ago (in 1917), a young award-winning Czech designer Jan Plecháč has created this bold, wire chair for Gispen’s ‘Playing With Tradition’ brand NgispeN. Launched last week at the Temporary Museum For New Design in Superstudio Piu, ‘ICON 03’ can be used both indoors and outdoors thanks to its durable steel structure. (more…)

Fri 2.3.

The Art of Metal Wire – join us on Pinterest

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In our latest online venture, Architonic has compiled some of the best images of the most interesting contemporary products and designs incorporating metal wire from our vast design library. You can view them all on our Pinterest page. (more…)

Tue 15.11.

‘SM05’ chair by Cees Braakman re-released by Pastoe (NL)

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'SM05' chair by Cees Braakman, re-released by Pastoe

The Dutch furniture manufacturer Pastoe has reissued an updated version of this classic wire chair created for the company by Cees Braakman (1917-1995) in 1958. ‘SM05’, which at the time of its introduction was one of the first chairs to be manufactured from steel wire in its entirety, has been adapted to fit current sensibilities – ‘slightly elevated and thus adapted to the present time, people being taller now than in the past’ and is available in either black or white finish. (more…)

'Grillage' by François Azambourg for Ligne Roset

This simple but formally elaborate lounge chair for the French manufacturer Ligne Roset was created by the Paris based designer François Azambourg. ‘Grillage’ consists of tabular steel base and a seating made from elegantly folded expanded sheet metal. The overlapping grid creates a beautiful spacial structure and moiré pattern.


'Evolution's dead end street' by Stefan Wieland

‘Evolution’s dead end street’: the Frankfurt-based designer Stefan Wieland comes up with the most dramatic names for his colourful, improvised-looking objects. This coffee table is one of his latest creations. It is characterised by the interplay between the massive table top, made from different sorts of wood, and the filigree, painted wire frame on which it seems to float almost.


6500 mm hanger rack by Nendo, photo by Masayuki Hayashi

The Tokyo based designers of Nendo will be present at this year’s London Design Festival with a solo exhibition at Saatchi Gallery, curated by Phillips de Pury & Company. The collection of delicate metal furniture includes a series of graphical hanger racks, which represent an experimental discourse about the space between two and three dimensions.


For technical support contact Alfred Giolai ‘Thin Black Lines’ – solo exhibition of Nendo (JP) in London