September 2020

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'Bitmap' collection by Zuzunaga

‘Bitmap’ collection by Zuzunaga

Cristian Zuzunaga’s textile designs works on many levels. The London- and Barcelona-based designer’s latest collection is no exception.


‘Bitmap’ plays with the idea of a simultaneous micro and macro view of the world, referencing as it does the visual DNA of digital imagery examined close up and, at the same time, the urban landscape presented in cartographic form – a bit of a map. The clue is in the name of the woven products, such as ‘New York’, ‘Shanghai’, ‘Tokyo’ and, of course, ‘Barcelona’.


‘FK01 Theban’ daybed by Ferdinand Kramer reissued by e15

The German furniture brand e15 has recently introduced a reedited version of this iconic woven daybed originally designed by the acclaimed architect and designer Ferdinand Kramer in 1925. Inspired by the cultural heritage of Ancient Egypt, ‘FK01 Theban’ comes in either solid oak or walnut while its hand-woven body is available in a textile or tanned leather version. The design is part of an eight-piece collection of Kramer’s designs which have been relaunched earlier this year by e15. (more…)

'Silver', detail, by Annemette Beck

Annemette Beck lives up to Denmark’s reputation for textile design. Famous for her experiments with new combinations of structures and materials such as rubber, paper yarn, all kinds of metal threads etc. the work of the Danish weaver and textile designer covers rugs, upholstery fabrics, runners, blinds and room dividers.

'Silver' panels by Annemette Beck

'Rubber rug' by Annemette Beck

'Bicycle' detail

Different panels by Annemette Beck

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