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Fri 15.8.

‘AKollection’ by Afroditi Krassa (UK)

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'AKollection' mirror wall panels by Afroditi Krassa

‘AKollection’ mirror wall panels by Afroditi Krassa

Inspired by the bold and graphical elegance of Art Deco, London-based studio AfroditiKrassa has created a signature furnishings collection comprising lighting, tiles and wall panels.



‘Hexagon’ acoustic tiles by Form Us With Love for Träullit; photo by Jonas Lindström

The Stockholm-based award-winning design studio Form Us With Love have developed this collection of geometrical sound-absorbing wall panels for a small, family-owned company Träullit. Made from a natural, recyclable material composed of wood wool, cement and water, ‘Hexagon’ tiles have not only sound-absorbing qualities but are also moisture-regulating and heat-accumulating. Available in eight different colours, ‘Hexagon’ was recently presented as part of the ‘Young Sweden’ exhibition during the London Design Festival. Watch the FUWL designers apply their new sound absorbing wall panels in the video below: (more…)

Orto is a floor and wall covering system with a network of splits on its surface to plant moss

ORTO is a decorative concrete with moss and provides an alternative solution for common planting. The plants can be set into the furrows of the elements thus forming a breathing green surface along the ornamentation.


'Quadro curve luce' by Raffaello Galiotto for Lithos Design

Lithos Design is specialised in wall panels and decorative elements made from marble and stone. Together with the industrial designer Raffaello Galiotto, who has already realised various objects and surfaces for Lithos Design, the North Italian company developed ‘Quadro curve luce’ a system of wall panels which is composed of two different tiles – a flat connecting part and a curved one which contains a hidden light source.


The German manufacturer Hasenkopf processes corian for all kinds of different applications. We met the Managing Director and got some intresting information about the possibilities this material offers. Enjoy!

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'Atonehenge' wall panel by Vladimír Ambroz

The Czech manufacturer and studio AMOS design, founded in 1990 by the architect Vladimír Ambroz is specialised in high quality interior design and contract furniture. As authorized manufacturer of DuPont™CORIAN® they recently launched this new range of wall panels for interior use. The panels are shaped on CNC machines in a way that they create an unbroken, linked motif on the wall.


Fri 12.11.

‘Living Wall’ by Frans van der Wielen for Ahrend (NL)

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Frans van der Wielen's 'Living Wall' for Dutch design manufacturer Ahrend, as shown at Interieur 2010 in Kortrijk

Dutch design manufacturer Ahrend’s ‘Living Wall’ caught our eye at the Interieur 2010 design biennale in Kortrijk. The pleasingly graphic, modular nature of the panel system, which serves both an acoustic function and allows the user to incoporate function-specific elements (such as seating, storage and phoning) into it, looked particulary striking in-situ at Ahrend’s stand.


Thu 18.2.

3form’s Reclaim programme extends life of materials

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Reused wall panels as part of Reclaim programme from 3form

3form, the manufacturer of sustainable building materials and architectural hardware, has launched a programme called Reclaim, which reuses and recycles materials removed from installations or panels damaged in production.


Reused panel as part of 3form's Reclaim programme

Aimed at architects, designers, contractors and consumers who are trying to reduce their environmental footprint, the extended-life materials come in a set of standardised sizes and are subject to the company’s quality-control standards.


3form's Reclaim programme extends the life of materials through reuse

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For technical support contact Alfred Giolai 3form’s Reclaim programme extends life of materials