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Thu 5.1.

‘About Time’ wall clock by Louie Rigano (US)

Posted by Malgorzata Stankiewicz on 05.01.2012 - Tagged as: , , , , ,

'About Time' wall clock by Louie Rigano; images courtesy of the designer

The young American designer and Rhode Island School of Design graduate Louie Rigano has devised this ingenious wall clock whose hour hands have been replaced by the Venn diagram composed of variously sized, translucent discs in three primary colours; red (hour), blue (minute) and yellow (seconds). While perhaps not the most legible, the highly-abstract appearance of ‘About Time’ is certainly an innovative reinterpretation of a traditional timepiece. (more…)

The first object of the new label Pure Cast: 'Cioccolato' by Formfjord, photo by Michael Hosan

When designers and leading industrial enterprises put their heads together, it usually gets exciting. While such a collaboration allows industry the possibility of demonstrating its special capabilities in a completely new context, its manufacturing processes, conversely, provide an unexpected treasure trove of new design solutions for creative minds. This is what happened in the collaboration between SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Guss Gruppe and the Berlin-based design studio Formfjord.


Thu 9.12.

‘Manifold Clock’ by Studio Ve (IL)

Posted by Nora Schmidt on 09.12.2010 - Tagged as: , ,

'Manifold Clock' by Studio Ve

Another beautiful wall clock is the ‘Manifold Clock’ by the Israeli designers of Studio Ve. A manifold that is connected to the two clock hands creates a delicate 3D movement – every second a different one. Don’t miss the video which shows the effect perfectly.


‘Front around the clock’ by Front for Porro (IT)

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'Front around the clock' by Porro

In the Porro showroom in Via Durini 15 in Milan, the Italian manufacturer is currently presenting this new wall clock, designed by the Swedish designer quartet Front. ‘Front around the clock’ is made from a metal disk with a diameter of 55cm. The 12 hours are applied perpendicularly to the base and are only legible by their shadows cast on the white surface.


'Notime', 'Nightime' and 'Finetime' clocks by Farrow Design for SCP (UK)

'Notime', 'Nightime' and 'Finetime' clocks by Farrow Design for SCP

Leading graphic-design agency Farrow’s first foray into product design has produced a series of clocks that are (yes, you’ve guessed it) highly graphic.

'Nightime' clock by Farrow Design

'Nightime' clock by Farrow Design for SCP

Given that timepiece design is (or should be) about visual communication, it’s no wonder that the British design practice has chosen this particular object-type to experiment with. That said, the three clocks in the collection vary in terms of their legibility. No prizes for guessing that ‘Notime’ makes the user work the hardest…

'Notime' clock by Farrow Design for SCP

'Notime' clock by Farrow Design for SCP

'Warp Wall Clock' by Purewhyte

'Warp Wall Clock' by Purewhyte, photo by Alison Tanner

During this year’s London Design Festival the British designer Kirsty Whyte presented her first collection of objects and furniture under the label ‘Purewhyte’ at the Portobello Dock. Amongst others this family of wall clocks made from spunn aluminium.

'Warp Wall Clocks' by Purewhyte

'Warp Wall Clocks' by Purewhyte, photo by Alison Tanner

“I wanted to create a small cluster of clocks that are not just flat to the wall, like so many others, I wanted to explore the third dimension and have them protruding out, playing with space”, Kirsty Whyte explains.

Both sizes are currently available in two finished natural polished aluminium and anodized dark gold. Purewhyte is planning to extend the range with a medium clock and a black anodized finish.

'Warp Wall Clock' by Purewhyte

'Warp Wall Clock' by Purewhyte, photo by Alison Tanner

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