August 2020

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turnOn by AllesWirdGut

turnOn rotatable housing module by AllesWirdGut

The MAK, the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts/ Contemporary Art in Vienna, has acquired turnOn, a living-utopia object by Austrian architectural studio AllesWirdGut.



Tue 1.7.

‘Best Friends Chair’ by Martin Mostböck (AT)

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'Best Friends Chair' by Martin Mostböck

‘Best Friends Chair’ by Martin Mostböck

The ‘Best Friends Chair’, designed by Austrian architect and designer Martin Mostböck, arose from a reaction to a colourful expression used in his native Vienna.



Wed 5.6.

‘Wien Spielkarten’ playing cards by Studio Formafantasma

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'Wien Spielkarten' playing cards by Studio Formafantasma

‘Wien Spielkarten’ playing cards by Studio Formafantasma

In 2012 six product designers from six different European nations were invited by the Vienna Tourist Board to submit proposals for a three-dimensional souvenir for the city. The winning proposal, ‘Wien Spielkarten’, “Vienna playing cards”, by Studio Formafantasma, has now been produced and is available in the Mak Museum Shop in Vienna.



Kai Linke, Mirror Chair, 2009

The exhibition ‘Totem and Taboo’, which is currently taking place in Vienna in freiraum quartier21 of the INTERNATIONAL MuseumsQuartier Wien, examines the relationship between art and design.

It features works by contemporary artists and designers who work at the frontiers and crossovers of their respective disciplines. Treating art as a relative of design, the exhibition focuses on one-off pieces and limited edition items, which, just like artworks, are produced for exhibition purposes and sold within gallery spaces.


For technical support contact Alfred Giolai Totem and Taboo: Complexity and relationships between art and design