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'M3' lounge chair by Thomas Feichtner for Neue Wiener Werkstätte

‘M3’ lounge chair by Thomas Feichtner for Neue Wiener Werkstätte

The geometric structure of Thomas Feichtner’s ‘M3’ lounge chair for Neue Wiener Werkstätte was first developed for the ‘M3 Chair’, a popular design experiment created by Feichtner for Vienna Design Week 2011.



Detail of ‘Stool 01’ by Daphna Laurens for Wittmann; photo by Daphna Laurens

On the occasion of this year’s edition of Vienna Design Week which took place earlier in autumn (28.09 – 07.10.2012), Eindhoven-based design duo Daphna Laurens have been commissioned by the Austrian upholstered furniture specialist Wittmann Company to ‘exchange design ideas and produce a tangible outcome, be it a product or installation.’ Following this brief, the studio have realised this striking and decidedly tangible, two-piece seating collection which was presented at the Passionwege exhibition. (more…)

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Save the date: Vienna Design Week 2011

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Architonic is proud to be the official media partner of Vienna Design Week, which returns to the Austrian capital for its fifth edition on the last day of September (30.09 – 9.10). As ever, the 10-day festival, which last year attracted some 26.000 visitors, will focus on the best of product, industrial and furniture design by both established and up-and-coming designers such as UK’s PostlerFerguson,

Norwegian trio Angell Wyller Aarseth, the Dutch practice Studio Makkink & Bey, Munich-born Konstantin Grcic, or Austria’s White Elephant and Marco Dessí to name just a few. (more…)

'Rumkugelbahn' by mischer'traxler

We all remember their poetic installation ‘The idea of a tree’. During this year’s DMY Festival our friends from Vienna, the bright design couple mischer’traxler, presented their newest installation, a marble run “powered” by traditional Viennese rum truffles. Designed and build as Vienna Design Week Embassy the rattly and flimsy construction, fixed with thin wires and cardboard tubes forms the playful framework of the preseantation and the rolling little rum truffles show the way through the showcased objects and products from past editions of Vienna Design Week.

'Rumkugelbahn' by mischer'traxler

'Rumkugelbahn' by mischer'traxler

'Rumkugelbahn' by mischer'traxler

'Rumkugelbahn' for Vienna Design Week by mischer'traxler

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'New Veneer' by bkm

'New Veneer' by bkm in cooperation with RoHol

‘New Veneer’ is the new collection of furniture the Vienna-based practice bkm created in close cooperation with RoHol, a company in Upper Austria producing veneer panels. It is showcased at the Artmark Galerie within the Vienna Design Week.

'New Veneer' by bkm and RoHol

'New Veneer' by bkm and RoHol

“bkm develops its products through research, analytically, with a view to the concrete deficit of existing solutions. Exploration incorporates archetypes, roots from cultural history, and social developments. Also purposefully integrated is the heritage of design history.”

With ‘New Veneer’ bkm and RoHol developed various methods to change veneer surfaces and applied them to different types of storing furniture.

Meterial pattern by RoHol

Material pattern by RoHol

'New Veneer' by bkm and RoHol

'New Veneer' by bkm and RoHol

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