January 2022

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Collection of aluminium vessels and lampshades by Jahara Studio

During this year’s Valencia Disseny Week the Bazilian designer Brunno Jahara presented his beautiful collection of colourful anodised alumnium vessels and lampshades within the ‘Uniedo Puntos’ exhibition. In the impressing old building of Valencia University the exhibition showcased the most recent works of Latin-American and Spanish designers with a clear focus on sustainable materials and processing. Brunno Jahara’s collection was inspired by a percussion beat used in carnival parties – ‘Batucada’.

“In Brazil, people play instruments made of tins, aluminum pots, and other alternative materials”, the designer explains.


'Guerrilla' by Stone Designs for RS Barcelona

Actually the Spanish label RS Barcelona dedicated the exhibition at this year’s Habitat Valencia to its brand new flat pack cardboard stool ‘Eiffel’. Having a look at their catalogue of remarkable products the shelf ‘Guerrilla’ caught my eye, though. The hybrid of upholstery and storage system demonstrates the manufacturer’s penchant for higly versatile furniture.


'Kilim' by Sandra Figuerola for GAN

The Spanish manufacturer Gandia Blasco produces beside its collection of outdoor furniture a wide range of high quality carpets under the label GAN. At this year’s Habitat Valencia they presented some beautiful new designs, amongst others this traditional looking by slightly simplified Kilim by the Valencia based graphic and product designer Sandra Figuerola.


'Boomerang' by Sancal

At this year’s Habitat Valencia the Spanish manufacturer Sancal presented this Scandinavian looking armchair by Quim Larrea & Associates for the first time. It is named after its smoothly curved wooden structure, the ‘Boomerang’ which forms the backbone of the whole design. (more…)

On the occasion of this year’s Habitat Valencia and the Valencia Disseny Week some international bloggers were invited to come to Valencia and see how much Iberian design has to offer. Not that we didn’t know it before (not for nothing we dedicated our latest Flipbook to Spanish Design) but it is fantastic to get to know the people behind the scene.

Our first station was the factory of LZF lamps (Luzifer) – a manufacturer specialised in veneer lamps – in an old disused vinification plant outside Valencia. This video gives you the best impression of the product development and manufacturing process.

more LZF products @ Architonic

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