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Fri 6.11.

Collegium Historicum Novum by H.J. Buszkiewicz (PL)

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Collegium Historicum Novum by H.J. Buszkiewicz, photo: Patryk Lewiński, Przemysław Turlej

Collegium Historicum Novum by H.J. Buszkiewicz, photo: Patryk Lewiński, Przemysław Turlej

Collegium Historicum Novum may be the latest addition to the Adam Mickiewicz University located in Poznan, Poland, but its façade, with a style and materials that reference the existing campus, maintains a coherent line.



Materials Council’s Ian Hunter and Brad Turner will give a talk at the upcoming ‘Neue Stoffwerke’ (New Materials) symposium

Newly launched creative materials consultancy Materials Council, co-founded by Architonic, will be speaking at a fascinating symposium at the Technische Universität Munich this month entitled ‘Neue Stoffwerke‘ (or New Materials). Taking place on Friday 19 October at the Vorhoelzer Forum of TU München and chaired by Professor Florian Musso of the architecture faculty, the event will address the creative potential and ecological effects of newly developed materials and manufacturing technologies, with a specific emphasis on the analysis of material properties and technical capabilities, and well as innovative applications. (more…)

'Archizines' exhibition showcases 60 magazines and 20 journals from across the globe

The advent of online media has undoubtedly shaken the until-then steady position of specialist magazines, which, for decades, served as primary source of information and inspiration for both professionals and enthusiasts alike. But, as this exhibition, which opens tomorrow (5 November) at London’s renowned AA School, illustrates, architectural magazines are experiencing what one could call a renaissance. Titled ‘Archizines’, the show has been curated by a curator and writer Elias Redstone and ‘celebrates and promotes the recentresurgence of alternative and independent architectural publishing from around the world.’ (more…)

Faculty Club Tilburg University by Shift architecture urbanism; photo by René de Wit

Inspired by the work of the Dutch modernist architect Jos Bedaux, this Faculty Club is ‘a multipurpose pavilion for the academic staff and their guests’ realised by the Rotterdam-based practice Shift architecture urbanism. The neat, beautifully balanced single-storey building has been completed earlier this year and its stylishly minimalist interiors include an 80-seat restaurant, an airy overlooking-the-forest lounge, two conference rooms, a kitchen and a number of utility rooms. (more…)

Birkbeck Centre for Film and Visual Media, Surface Architects; photographer: ©Kilian O'Sullivan

This boldly-coloured zigzagged interior of the University of London‘s Birkbeck Centre for Film and Visual Media has been realised by the British practice Surface Architects. The centre, which was completed in 2007, is located in the heart of the UK’s capital, within a Grade II listed terrace once occupied by Virginia Woolf & the Bloomsbury Group. The restructured into a two-storey volume building now encompasses a digital cinema auditorium with projection room, a seminar room, new office spaces, a viewing suite as well as an open area destined for informal meetings and social activity. (more…)

Wed 15.6.

Treehugger pavilion by one fine day (DE)

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Treehugger pavilion by one fine day; photo by Roland Borgmann

Treehugger, a strikingly lit temporary pavilion currently exhibited at the National Garden Show in Koblenz, is a truly collaborative project which brought together craftsmen, professors as well as university students from across Germany. (more…)

An origami-like felt, cardboard and glass 'Folded Felt' Table by Li-Rong Liao; photo by Armando Rafael

The industrial design students from New York’s Pratt Institute, one of the US’ top art and design colleges which, besides celebrating its 125th anniversary, can also pride itself on having launched the careers of numerous acclaimed artists, designers, architects, photographers and all-round creatives such as Max Weber, Robert Mapplethrope, Carlos Zapata, Wiliam Van Alen, Paul Rand or Robert Redford, have been invited to collaborate with the Italian manufacturer Cappellini on a series of ‘boldly disruptive futuristic furniture designs’. (more…)

'Cathedral' sofa table by Nobu Miake and Design Soil

‘Souvenir’ presented at this year’s Salone Satellite is a creative collaborative project by product design students and their professors exploring the concept of compact, dismantable design of contemporary furniture. The playful yet highly functional collection exhibited in Milan was cleverly realised by 11 students from Kobe Design University in Japan.


For technical support contact Alfred Giolai Milan 2011: ‘Souvenir’ by Design Soil (JP)