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Sun 7.7.

‘Helice’ lamps by Sébastien Cordoleani (FR)

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'Helice' lamps by Sébastien Cordoleani

‘Helice’ lamps by Sébastien Cordoleani

A series of lamps with a cane motif in paper and Tyvek by French designer Sébastien Cordoleani, whose work ranges from experimental research-based materials to manufacturing processes, is on display at Galerie Roger Tator in Lyon until July 26, 2013.



Thu 24.3.

‘hobo lantern’ by molo (CA) at Milan Design Week

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'hobo lantern' tyvek bag by molo

Without using names – we all know what kind of effect flashy (maybe golden) press bags can have during Milan’s Design Week. This year the Canadian manufacturer molo will introduce this nice and handy accessory, a tyvek bag with an energy-efficient LED light source glowing through the delicate pattern of translucent fibres. ‘hobo lantern’ will be available on on April 12, 2011 – the first day of Design Week in Milan!


'Swan Lamp' by Tian Zhen

The Dutch designer Tian Zhen presented his new series of filigree lamps at this year’s Luminale, the satellite event during light+building in Frankfurt.

Both versions, the pendant as well as the floor light, are simply made from sheets of Tyvek paper sewn together and folded, without any extra hidden support. The lamps have a delicate leather base and slim wooden stands.


For technical support contact Alfred Giolai ‘Swan Lamp’ by Tian Zhen (NL)