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Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Education Centre by OODA Architects


The aim of the competition for the Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Education Centre was to establish a proposal for a centre fully equipped with adequate technology and facilities in order to be prepared against a disaster that may affect Istanbul and to develop public consciousness about the disasters in general and specifically about earthquakes. Along this the centre will also be hosting relevant courses, venues and seminars.


Wed 5.10.

Impressions from Istanbul Design Week 2011

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Istanbul Design Week, as seen by Architonic

Just as the city of Istanbul sits famously astride the mouth of the Bosphorus, linking – in the imagination at least, if not in reality – East and West, so Istanbul Design Week is a tale of two parts. It’s great, of course, that there’s a vehicle to promote design in Turkey to an international audience, and Istanbul is a hugely vibrant and creative place, offering restaurants, clubs and other venues whose interior design is up there with anything you’d find in New York or London. But Istanbul was always a highly creative city, with an emphasis on an incredible and unique craftsmanship. (more…)

Mon 4.7.

VAKKO Headquarters and Power Media Center by REX (TR)

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VAKKO Headquarters and Power Media Center by REX: photo: ©Iwan Baan

The New York-based architectural practice REX has realised this VAKKO Headquarters and Power Media Center by utilising an old incomplete concrete hotel structure and incorporating it into this 9,100-square-meters state-of-the-art headquarters for the Turkish fashion house Vakko and a media centre for Power, its media sister-company. Located on the Asian side of Istanbul, the lustrous, highly-expressive building is formed from two stacked volumes and encompasses offices, showrooms, conference rooms, auditorium, museum, and dining hall as well as the television studios, radio production facilities, and screening rooms. (more…)

Orange House by Yazgan Design Architecture Construction; photo by: Yunus Özkazanç 2010, Kerem Yazgan 2010

This dizzyingly colourful yet undoubtedly photogenic private residence located in the hilly Bilkent district of Ankara has been developed by the Turkish architectural practice Yazgan Design Architecture Construction. The three-storey 1050-square-meters ‘Orange House’ has a steel structure, double-layered walls and manifold polychromatic light fixtures including rainbow backlit staircases and circular recessed floor lighting. (more…)

Middle East Technical University Modsimmer Modelling and Simulation Research Center, photo by Yunus Özkazanç – Kerem Yazgan

The Turkish architectural practice YAZGAN Design-Architecture-Construction designed the Modelling and Simulation Research Center for the Middle East Technical University Modsimmer in their hometown Ankara. The building’s composition is based on consecutive functional strips: sun shading steel frame, the eye-catching facade strip made from painted glass in five different colors, the strip of work spaces, storage, counter, shaft, door band, circulation band, atrium and the mirror coated pool base.


Tue 14.7.

RMJM builds Hotel in Ankara

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J. W. Marriott Hotel by RMJM

J. W. Marriott Hotel by RMJM

International architectural company RMJM has designed, on behalf of developer Őzkar Construction Co., a new luxury hotel that will help ‘green’ the Sogutozu district of Ankara, the capital city of Turkey.

the building is located on a 14,000 square-meter site

the building is located on a 14,000 square-meter site

The hotel, which will be completed on October 2010, will bring innovative sustainable design to the city and will include a unique design of vertical stone fins that will act as solar shading devices on the east and west facades.

guest rooms start on the fifth floor

guest rooms start on the fifth floor

The glass curtain wall uses environmentally friendly materials such as high-performing, low-e coating and tinting that contributes to the reduced solar heat gain. Plentiful bamboo trees and vegetation will be included in the landscape to offer additional shading at the site.




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