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Before Vignelli there was Matter: Herbert Matter’s old logotype for Knoll in the window of their West End showroom during the London Design Festival 2012

While the London Design Festival’s big-top design destinations, such as Super Brands London, Tent, designjunction and 100% Design pulled large crowds, a number of design brands used their city showrooms as spaces for serving up fascinating slices of design-historical culture. Here’s some of what was on the menu. (by Simon Keane-Cowell …yes, he’s back!)


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'Snuggle' by raumlabor berlin

'Snuggle' by raumlaborberlin

Sleeping where you don´t want to be? In a cheap hotel? In the ikea funished guest appartment? On the sofa of a friends friend? raumlaborberlin has designed their own mobile dream hotel for workshops, group exhibitions, symposions and festivals. now we are waiting for the perfect investor.

A temporary hotel by raumlaborberlin

A mobile hotel by raumlaborberlin

‘Snuggle’ is a form of modular accomodation, made of a platform for the mattress, which is enclosed by willow meshwork and a weatherproof textile coat. Three identical platform elements belong to three variable, open or closed coverings. The nozzle of the open ones can either be window, entrance or tunnel to the next room. Every room has a separate entrance, which is individually closable. Sanitary facilities are located in central modules.



Snuggle’s modules hang on a framework – winding around the trees, the hotel’s network is adapted to the actual countryside. After having done its service at one place ‘Snuggle’ can easily be removed and rebuilt at another place.

'something between a fox-hole and a martin's blister', drawings by Florian Stirnemann

'something between a fox-hole and a martin's blister', drawings by Florian Stirnemann

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‘WheelLY by Zo_loft

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'WheelLY' by Zo_loft

'WheelLY' expanded by Zo_loft

During the Milan Design Week the Italian group of architects Zo_loft presented a mobile shelter for homeless or urban nomads. ‘WheelLY’ consistes of a rolling aluminium frame, round tent poles – these are the stable and supporting elements – and two expandable polyester tents. The bottom of the tent is made of insulating neoprene.

Inside 'WheelLY'

Inside 'WheelLY'

Packed together ‘WheelLY’ can easily rolled and pushed around. Reflecting flanges make it even safe for the city traffic. The inside of the frame provides storage for up to 250 pounds of personal items.

'WheelLY' packed together

'WheelLY' packed together

With ‘WheelLY’ Zo_loft presents another example of their research on alternative architecture and design.

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