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Wed 23.5.

Takeshi Miyakawa arrested while installing ‘I Love New York’ bags

Posted by Malgorzata Stankiewicz on 23.05.2012 - Tagged as: ,

One of Takeshi Miyakawa's 'I LOVE NY' light sculptures which were intended to promote NY Design Week 2012

Earlier last Saturday (19 May 2012), while trying to display his love for New York, the city which for the past 23 years has been his hometown, via a new light sculpture installation, the renowned Brooklyn-based designer and artist Takeshi Miyakawa was arrested for reportedly ‘planting false bombs.’ Inspired by the iconic I LOVE NY plastic shopping bags, the designer intended to install the light ‘around the city in trees and on lamp posts as part of NY Design Week 2012.’ Following his arrest, a judge has decided on Sunday to hold Miyakawa for a mental evaluation, extending his detainment for an additional 30 days.


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