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Thu 9.5.

‘Segment’ table by Box Clever (USA)

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'Segment' table by Box Clever

‘Segment’ table by Box Clever

San Francisco design studio Box Clever was inspired by shifting tectonic plates for their ‘Segment’ table. The multipart table top, resembling a fault line, is composed of four slabs of concrete that leave a narrow opening between each section creating a functional channel for a unique system of accessories and cable management.



Thu 2.5.

‘Quadra’ table by Luis Arrivillaga

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'Quadra' table by Luis Arrivillaga

‘Quadra’ table by Luis Arrivillaga

Luis Arrivillaga has designed a clever table system in ‘Quadra’, powdercoated steel table legs that leverages a simple table top to support the table and stay in position.



'Onyx' table by Dominic Plueer and Olivier Smitt for PlueerSmitt

‘Onyx’ table by Dominic Plueer and Olivier Smitt for PlueerSmitt

Swiss designers Dominic Plueer and Olivier Smitt share a common interest in “the abstract and the concrete with a preference for a suggestive rather than a dictating function” for their works. Their ‘Onyx’ table, shown at Milan Design Week 2013, with its non-traditional shape and namesake semiprecious agate composition is a manifestation of that suggestive function.



'Stammtisch' table by Alfredo Häberli for Quodes

‘Stammtisch’ table by Alfredo Häberli for Quodes

Zürich-based designer Alfredo Häberli has collaborated with Dutch furniture company Quodes on this pared-down, solid wood dining table design. Featuring a contrasting, oversized metal joinery which also forms a part of table’s base, ‘Stammtisch’ is made of natural oak and the design has just been named as one of the winners of the Interior Innovation Award 2013. (more…)

Thu 18.10.

‘Panna Cotta’ table by Ron Gilad for Molteni & C (IT)

Posted by Malgorzata Stankiewicz on 18.10.2012 - Tagged as: , , , , ,

‘Panna Cotta’ table by Ron Gilad for Molteni & C

As part of his graphical, minimalist Grado° collection, the internationally acclaimed Tel Aviv-born New York-based designer Ron Gilad has realised this circular side table for the Italian manufacturer Molteni & C. Named after the famous Italian dessert, ‘Panna Cotta’ is composed of only few parts which were developed in two materials – iron and marble – and the table is available in three colours: white, red and black. (more…)

‘Station’ table/lamp by Angell Wyller Aarseth

Three young Norwegian designers and university friends: Simen Aarseth, Christoffer Angell and Øyvind Wyller have developed this minimalist, uniformly-black table-cum-lamp called ‘Station.’ As a modular system, ‘Station’ can be adjusted to be used at different heights – as a coffee table or a working desk which is individually illuminated by a conveniently-located light source. (more…)

Thu 11.10.

‘Dalton’ collection by La Mamba for Omelette-ed (ES)

Posted by Malgorzata Stankiewicz on 11.10.2012 - Tagged as: , , , , , ,

‘Dalton’ collection by La Mamba for Omelette-ed

Valencian design studio La Mamba have collaborated with a young Spanish manufacturer Omelette-ed on this collection of highly-decorative and functional dry food containers. Inspired by the form of old candy containers, ‘Dalton’ is made of solid wood and is available in various colourways and three different sizes. (more…)

‘Crossing’ table by Patricia Urquiola for Glas Italia

The acclaimed Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola has recently collaborated with the Italian glass specialists Glas Italia on this vividly-coloured dining table design called ‘Crossing.’ Made of tempered transparent, extremely light glass, the asymmetric table is available in two sizes and in two different patterns. (more…)