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‘Röhsska’ chair by Claesson Koivisto Rune for Swedese

Described by its designers as ‘the chair [we’ve designed, so far] that has given us the greatest satisfaction’, ‘Röhsska’ was unveiled earlier last week in Gothenburg as the latest collaborative project between the renowned design studio Claesson Koivisto Rune, manufacturer Swedese and the Röhsska Museum of Design and Decorative Arts. Made entirely out of wood and manufactured in Sweden, the chair will be officially launched to the international public next week during London Design Festival 2012. (more…)

Drum table by Corinna Warm for Swedese, presented at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2012

Swedese presents classics and newcomers at this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair. Among the latter are Corinna warm’s Drum table and the new version of the Spin chair of Staffan Holm, which combines elegant shape with new bright colors.


this year's edition of designjunction, as seen by Architonic's editors

A clear highlight of last week’s London Design Festival 2011 was designjunction, the group show that made a confident debut in Milan this April, but which surpassed itself in the British capital. Having started out as a Brits-only exhibition, but now international in terms of its line-up, designjunction took up residence in the white-tiled basement of Bloomsbury’s Victoria House, an ideal space for the strong work on show to dialogue with. Proceedings were helped, naturally, by the presence of a good bar and some fine food. Well done to designjunction’s organisers, Jon Powell and Deborah Spencer. (more…)

Staffan Holm's 'Spin' stool for Swedese, who are exhibiting as part of designjunction during this year's London Design Festival

Having made its inaugural appearance at this year’s Milan Furniture Fair, but already a design event not to be missed, designjunction, the group show of leading British design brands, has gone all international for its forthcoming London Design Festival edition and is presenting furniture and lighting from over 35 top-notch manufacturers and labels. (more…)

IVY stackable shelf system by Thomas Bernstrand for Swedese

Ivy is a stackable shelf system. The shelves can be stacked in three different ways: Stacked to the left it will lean left, stacked to the right it will lean right. When stacked alternatedly, the modules level out. With just five pieces there one has 81 possibilities to stack the shelf.


This year's novelties by the Swedish manufacturer Swedese

The Swedish manufacturer Swedese launched a wide range of novelties at this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair. Amongst them pieces by Thomas Bernstrand – who received for his ‘Ivy’ shelf the Form+1 Award 2011 – and Claesson Koivisto Rune.


'Desirée' by Swedese

After a long an insistant winter – at least in Middle Europe – the last month of spring finally arrived. The Swedish manufacturer Swedese presented at this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair a re-edition of an in- and outdoor family designed in 1954 by Yngve Ekström – the well-known Swedish designer who was also the founder of Swedese by the way. ‘Desirée’ is made from white lacquered steel wire – artfully and smartly bent it gives a certain lightness and strong stability to pieces at the the same time.

'Desirée' by Swedese

'Desirée' table by Swedese

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'Avalon' by Michael Young

The Swedish manufacturer Swedese recently presented this upholstered armchair, designed by the British born and Hong Kong based Michael Young, at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

‘Avalon’ has a 360 degree swiveling base with automatic return.

'Avalon' by Michael Young for Swedese

'Avalon' by Michael Young

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