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A revolution in the kitchen: Valcucine's 'Invitrum' base units are the first 100% recyclable products of their kind in glass and recycled aluminium. Carcass sides measure a mere 10mm in thickness

A revolution in the kitchen: Valcucine’s ‘Invitrum’ base units are the first 100% recyclable products of their kind in glass and recycled aluminium. Carcass sides measure a mere 10mm in thickness

There’s something cooking in the kitchen and we’re not talking food. It’s a revolution in product design, production and consumption. Respected Italian kitchen manufacturer Valcucine, whose brand has long been known for its craftsmanship and research-led ergonomics, is getting tough on waste. (by Simon Keane-Cowell)


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Mon 8.10.

‘So-So’ chair by Jean Nouvel for Emeco (US)

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‘So-So’ chair by Jean Nouvel for Emeco

The Parisian Pritzker-prize-winning architect Jean Nouvel has collaborated with the American chair specialists Emeco on this minimalist seating collection called ‘So-S0.’ The series, which includes chair and barstool designs, is made of recycled aluminium and it will be officially launched later this month in Belgium during Kortrjik Interieur (20-28 October). Shedding some light on the rather ambiguous name of his collection, Jean Nouvel explains: “This chair is special because it intimately embraces the body. But compared to my girlfriend, it is just So-So.” (more…)

'Broom' chair by Philippe Starck for Emeco

The acclaimed French designer Philippe Starck has collaborated with the American chair specialists Emeco on this environmentally-friendly, stackable chair called ‘Broom’. Unveiled earlier this month during Milan’s Salone del Mobile fair, the chair is made from reclaimed polypropylene and discarded wood fibre – a ‘compound of industry waste from lumber factories and industrial plastic plants.’ Watch Philippe Starck tell the story of his new collaboration with Emeco in the video below. (more…)

'Dome' table lamp by Todd Bracher for Mater

It might have been designed nearly three years ago, yet we still very much admire the purity of form and boldness of this table lamp created by a New York-based designer Todd Bracher. Composed of partly recycled aluminium shade and a steel base, ‘Dome’ was inspired by ‘the phases of the moon and its contrast between light and shadow.’ In 2009, the design was named the ‘Best Table Lamp’ in Wallpaper* Design Awards and the lamp is manufactured by a Copenhagen-based brand Mater, in one of Denmark’s few remaining workshops specialising in the spin forming technique. (more…)

Kenno cardboard chair by Showroom Finland, Design Heikki Ruoho, Photo Kalle Kataila

Showroom Finland’s new ‘Kasaa’ shelf and ‘Kenno’ chair are made of a new kind of recycled cardboard. The sturdy yet lightweight material can be re-recycled as paper; water- based adhesives are used to create its sandwich construction. The material has an appealing feel of warmth and lightness, and it is durable and versatile.


'Dutch Tap Water' carafes by Lotte de Raadt; photo by Maarten de Raadt

To raise environmental awareness and draw attention to the green credentials as well as far-reaching benefits of relinquishing the bottle and switching back to the tap, the young Dutch designer and recent Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Lotte de Raad has created this series of three simple glass carafes whose lid references the origins of the water they’re intended for. (more…)

Fri 20.5.

‘d.light S1’ solar lantern by d.light Design

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'd.light S1' solar lantern by d.light Design; photo d.light Design

Continuing their effort to replace the highly dangerous yet prevalent in millions of impoverished households kerosene lanterns, d.light Design has recently presented the new addition to their line of affordable solar-powered LED lighting. Called ‘d.light S1’, the small portable and, above all, inexpensive reading lamp has been designed with students in mind who frequently struggle to continue their education due to the lack of safe and reliable access to electricity. (more…)

Tue 10.5.

‘Kami’ by ett la benn (DE)

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'Kami' collection of pots and vases by ett la benn

Berlin-based design studio ett la benn has created a series of eco-friendly hand-moulded vases, pots and pendant lights which were presented at the ‘Poetry Happens’ exhibition at Ventura Lambrate in Milan. (more…)

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