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Detail view of 'Ike' stools by Studio Dreimann

Hannover-based design practice Studio Dreimann, whose elegant and functional coffee table ‘Little Ben’ was featured on Dailytonic in August last year, have recently unveiled their next product, similarly simple and refined stool, ‘Ike’. Made of circular, polished oak seat and a split steel pipe which serves as a leg of the design, the height-adjustable ‘Ike’ has been launched at Greenhouse during this year’s edition of Stockholm Furniture Fair. (more…)

'Jo' stool by Eric and Johnny Design Studio at imm cologne 2012, photo: © Architonic

While we caught ourselves glancing at this plywood stool for an above-average period of time before we finally unravelled its intertwining form, the structure of ‘Jo’ is, in fact, surprisingly simple. Developed by two Taiwan-born Berlin-based design students Eric Chang and Johnny Hu of Eric and Johnny Design Studio, ‘Jo’ is made up of three, j-shaped legs which all connect in six points. Member of ‘J Family’ collection of moulded wooden furniture, the stool was presented at the [D³] Contest during last week’s edition of imm cologne. (more…)

Thu 8.12.

‘Tom & Jerry’ stools by Konstantin Grcic for Magis (IT)

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'Tom & Jerry' stools by Konstantin Grcic for Magis

Having created one of Magis‘ most celebrated pieces – the angular, instantly-recognisable Chair_One in 2003, the ubiquitous German designer Konstantin Grcic continues his collaboration with the Italian manufacturer who has recently unveiled Grcic’s latest products, a pair of three-legged workshop stools. Made of solid beech, the archetypal, modest stool has been updated and reinterpreted by the Munich-based designer through the introduction of adjustable, contrastingly-coloured swivel screw made of self lubricant polypropylene. (more…)

Mon 28.11.

‘Daddy Longlegs’ stool by Martin Solem (NO)

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Daddy Longlegs stool by Martin Solem dailytonic

While we’re still not quite sure whether this collection of minimalist wooden stools takes its name from the 1955 musical starring the legendary Hollywood Fred Astaire or, if it was the cellar spiders family that lend their name to this design (or perhaps none of the above), ‘Daddy Longlegs’ is the latest, award-winning barstool series created by the Norwegian-born Copenhagen-based design student Martin Solem. (more…)

'Ribbon' stool by Nick Rawcliffe for Deadgood

Inspired by the charity awareness ribbons, British designer Nick Rawcliffe of Rawstudio has realised this polypropylene stool collection for the Newcastle-based manufacturer Deadgood. Presented earlier this year at Designjunction during London Design Festival, ‘Ribbon’ is manufactured in Wales (‘hence the sheep’, we’ve been told by Deadgood’s director Elliot Brook) in a rotational moulding process with the endorsement of Breast Cancer Care charity who will receive a donation from sales of the pink version of the stool. (more…)

Tue 18.10.

‘Stool #1’ by Monstrans (US)

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'Stool #1' by Monstrans

Monstrans, the Virginia-based multidisciplinary architecture and design practice established in 2008 by a local architect Leo Salom has just sent us this images of their recently-completed stool design inspired by ‘a fascination with airplane, bridge and ship building parts that plainly display the way the industrial machine body is assembled.’ (more…)

'Kindt-Larsen taburet' by Tove and Edvard Kindt-Larsen

Following ‘an inspiring co-operation’ with the son of Tove and Edvard Kindt-Larsen, Ebbe, the Danish manufacturer Onecollection has recently re-released this iconic, four-legged stool designed by the couple in 1957.


Wed 24.8.

‘Sputnik’ stool by Roger Arquer for Zilio Aldo & C (IT)

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'Sputnik' stool by Roger Arquer for Zilio Aldo & C

While it might not have been devised with the interplanetary travel in mind, this simple beechwood-and-steel stool certainly bears some resemblance to the famous Soviet satellite. Recently created by the Barcelona-born industrial designer Roger Arquer for the Italian manufacturer Zilio Aldo & C, ‘Sputnik’ incorporates a distinctive, continuous piece of bend metal rod that acts as a structural support and a footrest. (more…)