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Thu 29.10.

Kale Stand Design by Paolo Cesaretti (IT)

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Kale Stand Design by Paolo Cesaretti, photo: Lorenzo Pennati | Strefano Stagni | Denis Molinari

Kale Stand Design by Paolo Cesaretti, photo: Lorenzo Pennati | Strefano Stagni | Denis Molinari

Architect Paolo Cesaretti has created a commercial exhibition space for ceramics manufacturer Kale with a display design that’s “solid but transparent, enclosing but lighting, a digital pattern made of thousands of MDF blocks.”



Shoes, Books and a Bike by Thomas Walde for Postfossil

Thomas Walde, the Swiss industrial designer and co-founder of the Postfossil design collective has recently created this multifunctional bike stand-cum-shelving unit for the aforementioned Zurich-based brand. ‘Shoes, Books and a Bike’, which can also double as a room divider in an open-plan living space or a studio, is made of three simple materials such as pine frame, coconut fibre and steel screws. (more…)

Fri 10.6.

Glocal Design Station by Row Studio (MX)

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Glocal Design Magazine's exhibition booth by Row Studio

Álvaro Hernández Felix, Nadia Hernández Felix and Alfonso Maldonado, the trio behind the Mexico City-based architectural and design practice Row Studio have created this citrus-coloured temporary display for the Glocal Design Magazine’s Habitat Expo 2011 exhibition booth. Reminiscent of the recently unveiled Sevillian Metropol Parasol by Jürgen Mayer H., Row Studio’s design also encompasses a concept of grid-like structure made from multiple flowing curvilinearly-cut MDF panels. (more…)

Thu 7.5.

Festival of temporary architecture?

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The crisis was perhaps most visible in the design of the booths at the fair. Whereas on previous occasions Milan always proved to be a festival of temporary architecture, this year we had to look hard for innovative concepts. Here’s a selection of the most attractive booths at Milan 2009.

Giovanetti / Leolux

Giovanetti / Leolux

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