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Fri 20.5.

‘d.light S1’ solar lantern by d.light Design

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'd.light S1' solar lantern by d.light Design; photo d.light Design

Continuing their effort to replace the highly dangerous yet prevalent in millions of impoverished households kerosene lanterns, d.light Design has recently presented the new addition to their line of affordable solar-powered LED lighting. Called ‘d.light S1’, the small portable and, above all, inexpensive reading lamp has been designed with students in mind who frequently struggle to continue their education due to the lack of safe and reliable access to electricity. (more…)

Children in India holding d.light's 'Kiran' solar lamp, which gives up to eight hours of light on a full battery and is up to five times brighter than a kerosene lamp; photo: Robin Chilton / d.light Design

Imagine, as a manufacturer, that your potential market is two billion consumers worldwide. This almost inconceivable figure is the ultimate scale of d.light’s ambition, a consumer-products company set up by a pair of social entrepreneurs in 2007 to design and product lighting solutions for the one in four people on this planet who live without electricity. With two million lives already positively affected by d.light’s innovative solar-powered lamps and counting, the company’s story is only just beginning. Architonic spoke to co-founder and CEO Sam Goldman about this life-changing project.


'The Fab Lab House', photo by Adrià Goula

‘Peanut house’, ‘cinnamon submarine, ‘forest zeppelin’ or ‘whale belly’, there have been many names for the sculptural contribution of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) at this year’s Solar Decathlon Europe. The prefabricated wooden construction which carries some significant technological innovations such as the world’s most efficient flexible solar panels won the people’s choice award. The project, which involved architects and experts from 20 countries, is being developed in cooperation with The Center for Bits and Atoms from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the worldwide network of Fab Labs.


Solar lamp 'Day-Night' at day by od-do arhitekti

Solar lamp 'Day-Night' at day by od-do arhitekti

This year it was easier to find your way round Salone Satellite than last year, for the very good reason that the really good things were relatively easy to identify. Whereas last year many of the booths were elaborately staged, this year they were considerably more restrained, making the genuine pearls easier to discover. We have picked out some of these to present to you.

Solar lamp 'Day-Night' at night by od-do arhitekti

Solar lamp 'Day-Night' at night by od-do arhitekti

Creative Space Serbia – Young Serbian Designers
Serbia’s first step on the stage of the international design scene is a resounding success. With an appealing corporate image and striking products which speak a very similar, environmentally aware language, they have been able to attract a lot of attention. The platform was launched by Mikser, the Serbian cultural organisation. 148 designers applied and 10 were selected by a jury presided over by Konstantin Grcic to present their products at Satellite. Featured among them were od-do arhitekti, two female designers / architects from Belgrade who we already noticed last year. Equally noticeable are their new products, such as the Day-Night solar lamp which charges during the day and shines at night like a small starry sky.

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