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Thu 15.10.

Promenada by Enota (SI)

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Promenada by Enota, photo: Miran Kambič

Promenada by Enota, photo: Miran Kambič

Slovenian architects Enota have renovated the Promenada, an important city space and a vital city thoroughfare in Velenje, Slovenia, which represents a first step towards the gradual revitalisation of the city centre.



Sun 6.10.

Ptuj Performance Center by ENOTA Architects (SI)

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Ptuj Performance Center by ENOTA Architects, photo: Miran Kambič

Ptuj Performance Center by ENOTA Architects, photo: Miran Kambič

Slovenian architects ENOTA have transformed an 800 year old Dominican monastery in Ptuj into a contemporary performance center.



Mon 5.9.

Save the date: Month of Design, Ljubljana 2011

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Should you be in the Slovenian neck of the woods this autumn, or even if you’re not, why not head to Ljubljana for the literally titled, but anything but prosaic, Month of Design 2011, which kicks off on 13 October? (more…)

'Hippo' pendant light by A + A Cooren for Vertigo Bird

The Paris based design studio A+A Cooren will present this new series of lamps developed together with the Slovenian manufacturer Vertigo Bird at the ‘Nouvelle Vague – the new French domestic landscape’ exhibition during this year’s Milan Design Week at Centre Culturel Français, Palazzo delle Stelline, corso Magenta 63.

One special detail of the lamp is the fixure: the lamps are attached on a magnetic spindle. The rounded glass volume with the reflective metal calyx stays stable by the pull of magnetism. ‘Hippo’ is available as ceiling, suspension, wall, table and floor versions, with an economic fluorescent bulb


Metal recycling plant in Pivka by dekleva gregoric arhitekti, photo by Matevz Paternoster

This metal recycling plant in the Pivka, Slovenia was realised by the Ljubljana based practice dekleva gregoric arhitekti. The complex is composed of a huge concrete plateau with an attached concrete service building and a small, cantilevered metal office building, a control deck supervising the weighing of the incoming waste and out-coming metals.


'House D' by bevk perović arhitekti d.o.o., photo by Miran Kambič

The Slovenian practice bevk perović arhitekti realised this luxurious villa located in a prestigious neighbourhood of single family houses in the vicinity of the centre of Ljubljana. Due to the small size of the lot a large part of the house is hidden in the ground forming an introvert world secluded from the surroundings.


Poster for 1971 Iskra exhibition at the Design Center Stuttgart

The “ISKRA: NON-ALIGNED DESIGN 1946–1990” exhibition held at the Architecture Museum Ljubljana (AML) museum of architecture came to an end in February. The exhibition provided an insight into the golden age of Slovenian product design, which lasted from the 1960s to the 1990s.
After the turbulence caused by the breakup of Yugoslavia and the economic hardships suffered by the new democratic republic of Slovenia, a new generation of young Slovenian designers is now creating a stir. After a short look back at the history of Slovenian design we will devote our attention to their work.

ATA 30 telephone, designer Davorin Savnik, 1965

The Iskra group began as a small, state-owned radio workshop and by its heyday in the 1980s had developed into one of the country’s leading manufacturers of electrical products, with a workforce numbering more than 85,000.

Oscilloscope by Iskra, designer Davorin Savnik, product graphics Danica Petrovič and Stane Abe, 1965–1969

In the summer of 1971, an exhibition featuring Iskra was held at the Design Center in Stuttgart, where the main focus was on presenting the company as the Yugoslav counterpart to the German firm Braun.
Just as the design department, headed by Dieter Rams, gave Braun’s products their typical aesthetic, Iskra too had a legendary design department, which was led from 1961 to 1971 by Davorin Savnik.
After 1971, he continued to influence the style of the company’s products as a freelance consultant to the management.
Other major industrial designers who worked for Iskra included Albert Kastelec, Marijan Gnamuš, Janez Smerdelj and Janja Lap, while Miljenko Licul and Ranko Novak designed the company’s graphic identity.

Pobi battery charger by Iskra, designer Marijan Gnamuš, 1973

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"Lanterna" by Bevk Perovic Arhitekti

At the last light+building two year`s ago the Slovanian manufacturer Vertigo Bird launched its first collection and demonstrated its high potential. With this year`s collection they fulfill all our expectations.

“Lantern” is a portable table/floor light, intended for indoor use, a lamp to carry around the house and place anywhere you like – much like the traditional kerosene lamps our ancestors lit and carried through history.

"Funnel" by Bevk Perovic Arhitekti for Vertigo Bird

"Funnel" by Vertigo Bird

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