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'Roofer' pendant lamp by Benjamin Hubert for Fabbian (IT)

Usually it involves a good few years of apprenticeship before you can start playing around with roof styles. Luckily, British designer Benjamin Hubert has scaled things a touch with this new ‘Roofer’ pendant lamp for Italian manufacturer Fabbian.


Wed 28.4.

‘Seasons’ flexible dinnerware by Nao Tamura (US)

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'Seasons' flexible dinnerware by Nao Tamura

The one thing that’s clear in all the debate about sustainability and design is that, beyond the considered use of materials and thoughtfulness about energy consumption in production, a product must invite the user to form a long-term relationship with it. In short, it should be kept forever. ‘Seasons’, a flexible, durable serving dish, designed by New York-based Nao Tamura and shown at this year’s Milan SaloneSatellite, has a very good chance of being one of these life-long companions.

Made of silicone, 'Seasons' can be rolled up for storage

The inspiration for ‘Seasons’ is drawn from, among other sources, cherry leaves, which are used in Japan during the spring to wrap sweets. Made of silicone, the product can be rolled up for storage, and, importantly, be used in the oven and microwave. It’s also dishwasher-safe. What makes the leaves even more poetic is that each has its own individual shape. Design imitating nature.

'Seasons' by Nao Tamura

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