October 2021

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Uber Headquarters by SHoP Architects with Studio O+A, image: ©SHoP Architects PC

Uber Headquarters by SHoP Architects with Studio O+A, image: ©SHoP Architects PC

New York based SHoP Architects, with Studio O+A, have been chosen to design transportation network company Uber’s new headquarters in the Mission Bay neighborhood of San Francisco.



Wed 22.6.

Föger Woman Pure by Pedrocchi Architekten (AT)

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Föger Woman Pure by Pedrocchi Architekten; photo by Ruedi Walti

It’s no news that when it comes to fashion boutiques, display windows frequently, if not always, play a pivotal role in the concept and also, the success of a store. With this in mind, Swiss architect Reto Pedrocchi, along with his Basel-based practice Pedrocchi Architekten, has realised this new angular extension of the Föger Woman Pure boutique located in the Austrian town of Telfs in Tyrol. (more…)

Our impressions from EuroShop 2011

Since its inception in 1966, EuroShop in Düsseldorf has developed into the leading international investment goods fair for retail. This year’s edition was the biggest EuroShop in its 45-year history: over 2,000 exhibitors from 53 countries are presenting the latest products, innovative solutions and creative design specifically for the retail sector. We were there and collected some impressions for you. Enjoy!

to the EuroShop 2011 Gallery Part 1

to the EuroShop 2011 Gallery Part 2

to the EuroShop 2011 Gallery Part 3

Friedrichstadt Apotheke by wiewiorra hopp archietekten, photo by Thorsten Klapsch

With the new interior architecture of the Friedrichstadt Apotheke, a pharmacy close to the famous Friedrichstraße, the Berlin based wiewiorra hopp architekten created a dynamic shop and transparent production facility which is reminiscent of the modern spirit of Berlin’s 1920s and which accentuates the traditional trade of the pharmacist guild.


Hermès Rive Gauche in Paris by Rena Dumas Architecture Intérieure

The well-established practice for interior architecture founded in the 1970s by Rena Dumas realised this new design for the Hermès store Rive Gauche placed in an old, disused swimming hall in Paris.


Mon 22.11.

Wine store Albert Reichmuth by OOS (CH)

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Wine store Albert Reichmuth by OOS, photo by Christine Müller

A landscape of wine crates, this is the new interior concept for the Zurich wine store Albert Reichmuth, designed by the Swiss studio OOS. Around 1500 crates from majoritarian French wine-growing regions are arranged on walls, floor and ceiling and form the display system as well as some room for storage.


24 ISSEY MIYAKE shop by Nendo, photo by Daici Ano

Nendo designed the new shop including this beautiful and minimal display system for clothes and accessories for the Japanese fashion label ISSEY MIYAKE at Shibuya Parco in Tokyo.

24 ISSEY MIYAKE shop by Nendo, photo by Daici Ano

Here is what the designers say:

“The Miyake team wanted a new design concept for the 24 Issey Miyake shop in Shibuya’s Parco shopping complex, which includes a store that specially features Miyake’s new Bilbao bag.
The Bilbao bag has no set form. Instead, it settles depending on how it is placed. To match the bag, we abandoned the standard hard, flat and smooth fixtures found in most shops, and created a set of variable-height fixtures made of thin steel rods that stand like a field of prairie grass in the shop, with a similar vague, undefined shape like the bag.
Shelving and hanger rods are also made of steel rods, in the 7 mm diametre common to all of the 24 Issey Miyake shop interiors. Supported by ‘points’, rather than by surfaces or lines, the bags seem to waft in the air like flowers in a light breeze, creating the illusion of a field of flowers in the store.”

24 ISSEY MIYAKE shop by Nendo, photo by Daici Ano

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KINZO interior design: counter and bench

The Berlin based design studio KINZO realised this interior architecture for the newly opened boutique of MAYGREEN, a German eco-fashion label.

KINZO interior design: counter, metal sheet and light installation

“The core of the interior design is the eye-catching light installation akin to a computer chip, the giant grass hopper solely composed of green light, plus the polygonal furniture that seems to float like icebergs on the dark oak floor.

The ceiling-mounted lamps, also designed by KINZO, were specially manufactured for this project by idee.design.licht., the German specialist in individual lighting solutions “Made in Germany”.”

KINZO interior design: long shot rear view

KINZO interior design: special lights by idee.design.licht.

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For technical support contact Alfred Giolai ‘MAYGREEN’ shop in Hamburg by KINZO (DE)