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'Stools in Tones' by MIRO

‘From Language to Design’ is the graduation project of the Dutch designers and Eindhoven graduates Michael Leung and Rony Chan, it was showcased during the opening of the Inside Design Amsterdam, the Lloyd Hotel. The project describes a methodology the designers developed – a systematic way to explore design with cultural characteristics. In this case the designers used the languages Chinese and English as a starting point. The result is a range of narrative and beautifully processed furniture.


'Guerrilla' by Stone Designs for RS Barcelona

Actually the Spanish label RS Barcelona dedicated the exhibition at this year’s Habitat Valencia to its brand new flat pack cardboard stool ‘Eiffel’. Having a look at their catalogue of remarkable products the shelf ‘Guerrilla’ caught my eye, though. The hybrid of upholstery and storage system demonstrates the manufacturer’s penchant for higly versatile furniture.


Mon 2.8.

News by Atelier Takagi (US)

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'Bluff City Light' pendant light, by Atelier Takagi

Jonah Takagi, Washington based designer and founder of Atelier Takagi, recently launched these beautiful new creations: ‘Bluff City Light’ is a pendant light which particularly accentuates an element one usually tries to disguise – the ventilation grid. The enameled steel cage is combined with an elegant copper socket and an enameled minimal aluminum diffusor.


'Totem' by Vincent van Duysen for Pastoe

The Dutch manufacturer Pastoe presented this modular shelving system by the Belgian architect Vincent van Duysen. Stacked to a colourful tower ‘Totem’ lives up to its name. The bodies of the cabinet can be turned independently of each other and are divided into segments by rails. They can be open or closed on one side and you can put horizontal shelves in them.


Fri 16.7.

‘Foundation’ shelving by Benjamin Hubert (UK)

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'Foundation' by Benjamin Hubert

The London based designer Benjamin Hubert recently presented this shelf with integrated steel files. The structure is made from a dark grey Valchromat, is a wood fibre board sourced from forest waste and recycled pine which is based on an environmentally friendly manufacturing process with zero carbon emissions.


Tue 18.5.

‘Inori’ by Setsu & Shinobu Ito for Fiam (IT)

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'Inori' by Fiam

Fiam, the Italian specialist for glass furniture, presented this new shelving system by the Milano based designers Setsu & Shinobu Ito at this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan. ‘Inori’ is composed of 12 mm tempered glass shelves and bent glass pillars, which can be assembled in modular fashion, as a display cabinet, storage unit or TV cabinet, in wall-mounted or free-standing versions, as well as a bookcase. The uprights are freely adjustable on each shelf through sliding aluminium rails and fixing device.

'Inori' by Fiam

'Inori' by Fiam

more Fiam products @ Architonic

'Piegato' by Serafini

This flat pack shelf made from laser cut sheet metal was designed by the Berlin based designer Matthias Ries and showcased at this year’s imm cologne.

As ‘Piegato’ consists of one piece, the assembly and the bending-out of the angles and shelves by hand can be finished in a short period of time and can be easily handled by one person.

'Piegato' by Serafini

'Piegato' by Serafini

'Piegato' by Serafini

more Serafini products @ Architonic

Mon 1.3.

‘Unique IKEA’ by Kenyon Jeh (TW)

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'Unique IKEA' by Kenyon Jeh

The young Taiwanese designer Kenyon Jeh made his own creations of the standardized flat pack furniture he ordered at a big Swedish furniture store.

“I have simply composed the kits into customized furniture to suit my personal preference, adding some new details along the way. The process is liberating and brings a limitless attitude of possibility to the flat pack market”, Kenyon Jeh explains.

Model 'Kenn' by Kenyon Jeh

Model 'Bria' by Kenyon Jeh

Model 'Dalt' by Kenyon Jeh

seen @ mocoloco

to the Kenyon Jeh website

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