January 2022

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'Etage' shelf by Moritz Schmid

‘Etage’ shelf by Moritz Schmid

Moritz Schmid has won the biennial Design Prize Switzerland Pfister Interior Design Award for ‘Etage’, a cross between a shelf and sideboard completely made out of wood for the Röthlisberger Kollektion.



Kenno cardboard chair by Showroom Finland, Design Heikki Ruoho, Photo Kalle Kataila

Showroom Finland’s new ‘Kasaa’ shelf and ‘Kenno’ chair are made of a new kind of recycled cardboard. The sturdy yet lightweight material can be re-recycled as paper; water- based adhesives are used to create its sandwich construction. The material has an appealing feel of warmth and lightness, and it is durable and versatile.


'Flying Rings' shelf by Monica Förster for Gärsnäs

Citing the ‘Roman rings, agile gymnasts and virtuoso acrobats’ as an inspiration, the renowned Stockholm-based industrial and furniture designer known for her bold yet effortless and pared-down style has realised this series of shelving units for the Swedish manufacturer Gärsnäs. Made of varnished wood, Monica Förster’s customisable ‘Flying Rings’ comprises rows of simple white shelves assembled by a number of ‘large circles thrown up in the air and frozen in mid-motion [which] create the frame of this shelf.’ (more…)

'Succession' collection by Fredrik Färg, photo by Alexander Lagergren

The Swedish designer Fredrik Färg will exhibit some new pieces of his ‘Succession’ collection – a new range of upholstered cupboards – during this year’s Milan Design Week. The organic appearing, seamless pattern of the upholstery is made by ropes tied around the leather and textile covering before being heated.

‘Succession’ will be on show within the ‘Swedish Love Stories’ exhibition at Superstudio Piu.


IVY stackable shelf system by Thomas Bernstrand for Swedese

Ivy is a stackable shelf system. The shelves can be stacked in three different ways: Stacked to the left it will lean left, stacked to the right it will lean right. When stacked alternatedly, the modules level out. With just five pieces there one has 81 possibilities to stack the shelf.


The three independently working designers Uli Budde, Mark Braun and Mathias Hahn presented at this year’s imm cologne their new creations. We met the three of them for a short interview which gives some closer explanation of the objects. Enjoy!


'Dancing Squares' by Nendo, at Art Stage in Singapore

The Japanese design practice Nendo will present this new series of furniture and lighting at its solo exhibition ‘Dancing Squares’ during this year’s Art Singapore from 13 – 16 January.


'Big Bird' by Tom Foulsham

The British artist and designer Tom Foulsham produces beautiful kinetic installations, ‘Big Bird’, recently presented at the Shoreditch Ball charity auction, is his newest one. The balancing metal frame has a movable arm for a reading lamp on one side and a book shelf on the other. The height and angle of the light can be changed by rearranging the books on the shelf.


For technical support contact Alfred Giolai ‘Big Bird’ by Tom Foulsham (UK)