April 2021

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'Kokko' by Dan Sunaga for Karl Andersson

The Japanese, Gothenburg based designer Dan Sunaga recently unveiled this new series of coffee tables for the Swedish manufacturer Karl Andersson & Söner. ‘Kokko’ is composed of a veneer table top and solid wooden legs that can – due to a very smart and artful connection – easily be disassembled.


The Copenhagen based design duo FurnID created a new sofa for the Danish manufacturer Fredericia. We met Bo Strange and Morten Kjær Stovegaard at this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair and had a talk about the piece. Enjoy!

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The Stockholm based design and architecture studio TAF Arkitekter created this new strip light for the Swedish manufacturer ZERO. We met Mathias Ståhlbom from TAF and talked about the story of the piece. Enjoy!

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'Rest' sofa by muuto

How elementary can a sofa be? The Norwegian designers Espen Voll and Torbjørn Anderssen – together they are Anderssen & Voll – realised a very basic sofa for the Danish manufacturer muuto. But as so often the real beauty lies in the details – in this case the solid wooden base, artfully set seams and high quality coverings.


'Grand' sofa by Monic Förster for Offecct

The Swedish manufacturer Offecct presented a wide range of novelties during this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair – amongst pieces by Claesson Koivisto Rune, Luca Nichetto and Mario Ruiz this new large and generous sofa by the Swedish designer Monica Förster. ‘Grand’ comes in a right, a left and a straight version with an accompanying footstool and an optional divan.


The Swedish design and architectural practice Claesson Koivisto Rune realised, in close cooperation with the wood pulp producer Södra, this new table lamp for the young lighting label Wästberg. We met Ola Rune, co-founder of Claesson Koivisto Rune and Henrik Wettergren from Södra at tis year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair and talked about the intresting processing of this piece. Enjoy!

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'Hood' by Form Us With Love for Ateljé Lyktan, photo by Jonas Lindström

The young Swedish designer trio Form Us With Love realised this new pendant light which serves, due to its acoustic characteristics as well as a sound barrier. The lamp shade is made from modular felt panels, which can be assembled on site making ‘Hood’ a flat pack product.


Together with his companion Aleksej Iskos the Copenhagen based designer Boris Berlin developed this new armchair made of moulded felt for the Swedish manufacturer Blå Station. We met him at this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair and talked about the piece and the design approach it is based on. Enjoy!

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