January 2022

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Height adjustable cantilevered desk by Friis & Moltke Design for JENSENplus

The Danish manufacturer for contract furniture JENSENplus presented this height adjustable desk designed by the Danish architects Friis & Moltke Design at this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair. In contrast to the usual T-shaped adjustable tables, ‘K2’ has a cantilver base, a constructive challenge which gives a very graphic and elegant expression to the piece. Claus Omann Jensen, Managing Director of JENSENplus, gave us some background information about the table.


'Knob' by Patrik Hansson Karl Andersson

One particular hobbyhorse of the Swedish manufacturer Karl Andersson are simple and space-saving hallway accessories. At this year’s Stockholm Furnture Fair they presented two new lines designed by Patrik Hansson and Elin Lundmark. ‘Knob’ is nothing more than a turned coat hook in solid wood which works both on its own and grouped together, either in vertical or horizontal rows, or in combination with additional accessories, such as a mirror or a coat rack.


The French designer Inga Sempé realised this new table and chair for the Swedish manufacturer Gärsnäs – a rather new challenge for the Paris based who has never worked with such a specialist for carpentry before. We met her in Stockholm and had a short chat about the pieces. Enjoy!

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How thin and wide can an extruded aluminium profile be? This was the big challenge the Swedish designers of We Do were confronted with designing the new shelf system for nonuform. We met Hampus Östberg and Patrik Lindberg at this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair and got some background information about this highly elegant piece. Enjoy!

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'Mono' sofa by Anderssen & Voll for LK Hjelle

‘Mono’ is the newest piece the Norwegian design duo Anderssen & Voll created for LK Hjelle. With its linear shape, a very decent padding and above all due to its small dimensions the contract sofa requires only minimum space.


This year's Design Bar at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, designed by Katrin Greiling

The German born and Stockholm based designer Katrin Greiling disappeared from the European design stage for some years when she got the opportunity to work in Dubai. With the design of this year’s Design Bar at the Stockholm Furniture Fair she celebrates her comeback to Sweden. We met her for an interview and talked about her experiences in Middle East and the concept of her beautiful multicultural village – the Design Bar. Enjoy!

'The Ensemble' by Helena Svensson, Karin Widmark and Josefin Hellström Olsson

The three individual Swedish designers Helena Svensson, Karin Widmark and Josefin Hellström Olsson presented ‘The Ensemble’ at the Greenhouse during this year’s Stokholm Furniture Fair. The collection was inspired by the sentimentality and percieved value of musical instruments, which becomes especially apparent in the materiality and processing of the pieces.


The young Swedish label Massproductions, founded by the designers Chris Martin and Magnus Elebäck presented their novelties – for the first time the duo also realised some upholstered pieces – on a beautiful booth during this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair. We met Chris Martin for a short introduction. Enjoy!

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