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Thu 24.6.

‘Jack Black’ by Tom Dixon (UK)

Posted by Simon Keane-Cowell on 24.06.2010 - Tagged as: , , , , ,

'Jack Black' by Tom Dixon for Tom Dixon

There are many reasons for reissuing a design, but getting your hands on the original tool to make it is as good as any. Armed once more with the tooling that he himself fashioned back in the day in his own workshop, Tom Dixon has launched a black companion piece to his iconic, stackable ‘Jack Light’ (the latter manufactured by Eurolounge), whose colour serves to emphasise the product’s strongly graphic form. Made from plastic and rotary-moulded, ‘Jack Black’ can be used as seating or as an accessory, and comes without a light.

Tom Dixon's 'Jack Black' works particularly well as a companion piece to the existing 'Jack Light'

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'Babel' bookcase by Mario Mazzer for Bonaldo

Its title recalling the Old Testament story of the tower that was built by the people of the earth at time when they spoke a single language, ‘Babel’ is a new bookcase designed by Mario Mazzer for Italian manufacturer Bonaldo. The result of rotomoulding, the piece has a highly sculptural, totemic presence. It will be launched as part of Bonaldo’s new collection at next month’s Milan Furniture Fair.

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