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The Austrian manufacturer for contract and office furniture Bene presented at this year’s Orgatec two new room deviding systems designed by the Vienna based designer Johannes Scherr. We met him and got some background information about the higly flexible systems. Enjoy!

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'Silver', detail, by Annemette Beck

Annemette Beck lives up to Denmark’s reputation for textile design. Famous for her experiments with new combinations of structures and materials such as rubber, paper yarn, all kinds of metal threads etc. the work of the Danish weaver and textile designer covers rugs, upholstery fabrics, runners, blinds and room dividers.

'Silver' panels by Annemette Beck

'Rubber rug' by Annemette Beck

'Bicycle' detail

Different panels by Annemette Beck

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Mon 21.12.

Tied objects by Outofstock

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'Dunes' by Outofstock

'Dunes' by Outofstock

The international design collective Outofstock, Gabriel Tan and Wendy Chua from Singapore, Gustavo Maggio from Argentina and Sebastián Alberdi from Spain, originally met in Stockholm during the Electrolux Design Lab in 2005. After a renunion in 2006 they decided to work together. Today Outofstock is based in Singapore, Barcelona and Buenes Aires.

'Dunes' by Outofstock

'Dunes' by Outofstock

“Dunes is a set of modular, stackable screens inspired by the undulating sand dunes of the desert. We used thick elastic chords to weave surfaces within an inverse-triangulated steel frame. The result is a screen with rich colour gradients that act as a low-opacity colour filter, defining a semi-private space. They can be combined to form a continuous linear partition or used separately as spatial markers.”

'Saturn' by Outofstock

'Saturn' by Outofstock

“Saturn is a pendant lamp made of welded pentagonal shapes in aluminum alloy. Its clean geometric form contrasts with an undulating vortex of elastic threads under the lamp shade – a clash of order and disorder. The stitch-detail along the edges of the lamp lends a touch of hand-craftedness to the final product.”

Lacquered steel and elastic chords.

'Saturn' by Outofstock

'Saturn' by Outofstock

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Fri 4.12.

‘RoomProp’ by Carolina Wilcke (NL)

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'RoomProp' by Carolina Wilcke

'RoomProp' by Carolina Wilcke

The Dutch designer and recent graduate of the Man and Living department at Design Academy Eindhoven Carolina Wilcke designed this room devider made of plain oak with coloured areas of different kinds of thread.

'RoomProps' by Carlona Wilcke

'RoomProps' by Carlona Wilcke

“As a three-dimensional painting is gives the space atmosphere and warmth. It speaks to the imagination and at the same time creates space and possibilities.”

'RoomProps' by Carolina Wilcke

'RoomProps' by Carolina Wilcke

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Thu 5.11.

‘Library’ by Thomas Bentzen (DK)

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'Library' by Thomas Bentzen

'Library' by Thomas Bentzen, photo by Jeppe Gudmudsen Holmgreen

This year’s ‘The Cabinetmakers`Autumn Exhibition’ will take place from 13 November 2009 – 31 Januar 2010 at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptothek in Copenhagen. The exhibition, which started in 1984, is an association of furniture manufactures and designers. The purpose is to develop and stage an annual exhibition of new and experimental furniture types with strong practical and artistic qualities and excellent craftsmanship.

Last year the Danish designer Thomas Bentzen presented this figurative and playful piece of furniture, which refers in its details to the traditional Scandinavian wood-working.

'Library' by Thomas Bentzen

'Library' by Thomas Bentzen, photo by Jeppe Gudundsen Holmgreen

“A room divider, a cosy nook, a shot of homeliness with a sloping ceiling that can be tiled with books or magazines. The book ends offer storage space for magazines, a graphic deviation in the room, which can be used to create order or chaos. Library is made in classic ash to give the storage a warm glow. Library is furniture for receptions, shops, offices, libraries or you home.”

'Library' by Thomas Bentzen

'Library' by Thomas Bentzen, photo by Jeppe Gudmundsen Holmgreen

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'Softblock' by molo

'softblock' by molo

molo is a Canadian manufacturer and design studio dedicated to materials research and an exploration of space making. The paper room devider ‘Softblock’ designed by Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen exemplifies molo´s ideas of intimate, temporal space making and the original thinking behind all their products.

With LED application

With LED application

The elements of the soft collection have been designed to be used and reused in variable and dynamic ways; replacing the need for more costly, inflexible alternatives of partitioning and arranging space. Despite being made from the light weight materials of paper and non-woven textiles, the honeycomb geometry lends these structures high strength and flexible resilience with an economy of material resource.

‘softwall’ and ‘softblock’ modular system consists of building blocks and free standing partition walls in a variety of sizes, two materials and three colours. All elements in the ‘softwall’ and ‘softblock’ modular system connect together with concealed magnets in an almost seamless way with the vertical joints blending with the rhythm of the vertically pleated structures.

'Softwall' and 'Softblock' by molo

'softwall' and 'Softblock' by molo

‘softwall’ and ‘softblock’ further provides a medium for shaping acoustics and light within a space. The cellular structure and vertical pleats that run the course of an expanded wall serve to dampen sound while translucent or opaque versions of softwall can sculpt the light of a space.

Recognized for its poetic and pragmatic beauty and innovation, ‘softwall’ and ‘softseating’ have been acquired by several museums, including the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

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For technical support contact Alfred Giolai ‘softblock’ modular system with LED lighting by molo