January 2022

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Sat 9.7.

Splice House: Renovation by Stukel Stone (AU)

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Splice House: Renovation by Stukel Stone (AU)

Photographer: Katherine Lu


The genesis of this project was a Dutch couple falling in love with Australia and wanting to make a home in the Sydney suburb of Wollstonecraft. The brief was distilled to the desire for spaces that were at once both tropical and austere, a wonderful contradiction which lead to a unique renovation of a typical semi-detached Federation dwelling. The project was ambitions in its aspirations, and Stukel Stone were the second architects to make an attempt for the owners. (text by Stukel Stone)



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Fri 17.8.

Amphidromous Rectangle by Jun Murata (JP)

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Amphidromous Rectangle : CSM 402 Renovation by Jun Murata

The renovation of an apartment for Taiwanese business men is situated near Osaka City’s transportation nucleus.

The living and working areas consist of a semi-open kitchen that connects with a living/dining area, a traditional tatami room and a hallway, a guest space and a central room with a walk-in closet.


Mon 23.4.

Mirror House by MLRP (DK)

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Mirror House by MLRP; photo by Stamers Kontor

As part of the new Interactive Playground Project in Copenhagen, an American-Danish architectural practice MLRP have converted a disused, dilapidated structure into this striking playground pavilion by cladding its gables and shutters with highly reflective mirror polished stainless steel. Completed in 2011, the renovation transformed the previously nondescript, unusable building into ‘Mirror House’ which is now used by kindergarten classes. In order to improve the energy efficiency of the structure, insulation values, sun shading, heating, ventilation and lighting systems have also been upgraded. (more…)

Transformation in Charrat by clavienrossier architectes hes / sia; photo by Roger Frei

Valéry Clavien and Nicolas Rossier, the duo behind the Swiss architectural practice clavienrossier architectes hes / sia have realised this striking renovation of a family house located in a picturesque Alpine region of Valais. Dating back to 19th-century, the original building included a vast adjacent barn which has been partially demolished in the course of the modernisation and later rebuilt following architects’ plans. The new design of the house, which has been significantly reduced in size, is based around an idea of a ‘strong contrast between the remaining part and the new structures’. (more…)

Pump station by Wenk und Wiese Architekten, photo by Udo Meinel, Berlin

The Berlin based Wenk und Wiese Architekten realised the conversion of an old pump station of the early 20th century into an atelier, dwelling and gallery space for a German couple. The existing structure is characterised by some artful architectural details such as the clinker facade with its rhythmical divisions and the vertical windows.


Tue 25.1.

House ‘NSV’ by adn architectures (BE)

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House 'NSV' by adn architectures, photo by Filip Dujardin

This transformation of an old farmhouse was realised by the Belgian practice adn architectures. The architects especially preserved some elements of significant architectural value, such as the masonry or the wooden structure of the roof, supplemented by some specific contemporary interventions on the outside and by a deep refitting of the interior spaces.


Derelict or abandoned buildings often have a great deal to offer in terms of location and character and should be viewed as opportunities rather than eyesores; Dovecote Studio, post-renovation, photo: Haworth Tompkins

‘Waste not, want not’ is an expression that has become increasingly pertinent in recent years as economic conditions have forced many of us to tighten our belts and make the most of what we have, rather than constantly replacing old with new. This attitude of thrift extends to architecture in the form of adaptive reuse – the conversion of an old building into something better suited to contemporary requirements. Here, we examine some recently completed, ongoing and future projects that show how imagination and intelligent design can deliver striking transformative effects.


The Waterhouse in Shanghai by Neri & Hu Design and Research Office, photo by Derryck Menere

This successful conversion of a 1930s Japanese Army headquarter into a 19-room boutique hotel, located at the new Cool Docks development on the South Bund District of Shanghai, was realised by the locally based Neri & Hu Design and Research Office. The architectural concept behind NHDRO’s renovation rests on a clear contrast of what is old and new.


For technical support contact Alfred Giolai The Waterhouse by Neri & Hu Design and Research Office (CN)