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'Dome' table lamp by Todd Bracher for Mater

It might have been designed nearly three years ago, yet we still very much admire the purity of form and boldness of this table lamp created by a New York-based designer Todd Bracher. Composed of partly recycled aluminium shade and a steel base, ‘Dome’ was inspired by ‘the phases of the moon and its contrast between light and shadow.’ In 2009, the design was named the ‘Best Table Lamp’ in Wallpaper* Design Awards and the lamp is manufactured by a Copenhagen-based brand Mater, in one of Denmark’s few remaining workshops specialising in the spin forming technique. (more…)

Fri 18.2.

‘FLAT’ mirrors by Big-Game (CH)

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'FLAT' mirrors - silvered windshields from cars with flat windows by Big-Game, photo by Julien Chavaillaz

This beautiful homage to famous car classics, such as Citroën 2CV, VW beetle or Fiat Panda was realised by the Swiss designers of Big-Game. The ‘FLAT’ mirrors are made from silvered windshields from old cars with flat windows. The pieces were created recently for the ‘L’ECAL à Paris’ exhibition in the Cité Internationale des Arts.


Mon 3.1.

‘South Pond’ by Studio Gang (US)

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'South Pond' by Studio Gang, photo by Steve Hall ©Hedrich Blessing

The Chicago based Studio Gang realised this boardwalk for the redesigned ‘South Pond’ of the Lincoln Park Zoo. Made of recycled plastic milk bottles the pavilion circumscribes the pond and passes through different educational zones describing animals, plants and habitats and provides shelter for open-air classrooms on the site. Their structures, inspired by the tortoise shell, consist of a series of pre-fabricated wooden members interconnected and milled to give global curvature to the surface, creating a column-free space for gathering.


'Paperpulp' cabinets by Debbie Wijskamp

The Dutch designer and member of the Temporary Collective Arnhem Debbie Wijskamp realised this edition of rather solid looking cabinets made from handmade paperpulp.

'Paperpulp' cabinets by Debbie Wijskamp

“Inspired by different cultures, making their homes with materials found in their surroundings, Wijskamp wanted to design her own building material. Experimenting with the re-usage of wastepaper resulted in a material with its own characteristic appearance and structure. Besides this, it is a very versatile material with many possible applications.”

'Paperpulp' cabinets by Debbie Wijskamp

The Temporary Collective Arnhem will also be exhibiting at the DMY festival in Berlin from 9-13 June 2010.

'Paperpulp' cabinets by Debbie Wijskamp

to the Debbie Wijskamp website

to the Temporary Collective Arnhem

Thu 18.2.

3form’s Reclaim programme extends life of materials

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Reused wall panels as part of Reclaim programme from 3form

3form, the manufacturer of sustainable building materials and architectural hardware, has launched a programme called Reclaim, which reuses and recycles materials removed from installations or panels damaged in production.


Reused panel as part of 3form's Reclaim programme

Aimed at architects, designers, contractors and consumers who are trying to reduce their environmental footprint, the extended-life materials come in a set of standardised sizes and are subject to the company’s quality-control standards.


3form's Reclaim programme extends the life of materials through reuse

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For technical support contact Alfred Giolai 3form’s Reclaim programme extends life of materials