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Tue 26.11.

‘Lazy Seefelder’ lounge chair by Tom Strala (CH)

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'Lazy Seefelder' lounge chair by Tom Strala

‘Lazy Seefelder’ lounge chair by Tom Strala

Tom Strala’s ‘Lazy Seefelder’ lounge chair is a divan bed that “exudes fashion and movement, an extraordinary object made for everyday life” says the Zurich-based designer.



Thu 14.6.

Rattan Funiture Collection by Hiroomi Tahara (JP)

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'relation' collection by Hiroomi Tahara

Hiroomi Tahara recently launched a rattan furniture collection called ‘relation collection’.

The structure is made of fine metal tubes, which give strenght and stability, combined with a surface woven with rattan. This method allows to create extraordinary shapes without molding.



'The Nest' rattan Lounge chair by Per Brolund and Em Riem, produced by Cambodian Modern Rattan

WWF initiated the design and production of contemporary, sustainable rattan furniture together with Swedish designers, graduates from Lund University, in cooperation with local producing companies. The European Union funded programme focuses on sustainable production and processing of rattan in the Mekong region. The first results were exhibited during this year’s Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt.


'Xistera' armchair by Samuel Accoceberry with Jean Louis Iratzok, photo by Martin y Zentol

The French designers Samuel Accoceberry and Jean Louis Iratzoki created this family of armchairs and sofa characterised by alcove-shaped wooden structure filled with a sophisticated cane work. ‘Xistera’ was realised by the for the French brand Pyrenea, a label consiting of five companies from south-west France manufacturing hotel furnishing and up market contract furniture.


'RSM I' by Harry Parr-Young

With his elegant stool ‘RSM I’ the young designer Harry Parr-Young did his bit to exempt rattan from its association with colonial style outdoor furniture. The sophisticated joints and fusions of the stool’s components demonstrate the potential of the flexible and fast renewable material. ‘RSM I’ is part of this year’s Tent Selects and will be exhibited at the Truman Brewery during the London Design Festival from 23 -26 September.


Fri 28.5.

‘Prelude’ by USIN-e (FR)

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'Prelude 6', photo by Frédéric Jean

Today Saint Etienne Art School graduates Rémi Bouhaniche and Amaury Poudray – together they are the Lyon based design studio USIN-e – celebrate the opening of their exhibition ‘Prelude’. Together with The Gallery they produced this limited edition of furniture and accessories, which will be showcased for the first time. The fragile and artfully composed objects are made from thin steel frames and flexible rattan mats.

The exhibition will be open until 12 June 2010 at The Gallery, Rue de l’Ecole Moderne, 17, 1070 Brussels, Belgium

'Prelude 7', photo by Frédéric Jean

'Prelude 5', photo by Frédéric Jean

to the USIN-e website

to The Gallery website

Thu 6.5.

News by Cane-line (DK)

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'Curve' by Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen

At this year’s Salone del Mobile the Danish manufacturer Cane-line presented a range of beautiful traditionally manufactured rattan furniture designed by the Copenhagen based studio Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen.

'Curve' by Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen

'E-Body' by Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen

more products by Cane-line @ Architonic

Tue 13.10.

‘Experimenta One & Two’ by Alain Gilles

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Restoration of vintage furniture for a non profit organisation, design by Alain Gilles

Restoration of vintage furniture for a non profit organisation, design by Alain Gilles

This “experimental” project has been specialy created for “Les Petits Riens / Spullenhulp” a non profit organisation created some 70 years ago in Brussels and currently active in the whole of Belgium.

They collect discarded objects such as furniture and clothing. These are either redistribute to those in need, or the profits generated by the sales of these vintage pieces used to finance specific social projects intended to favor the socio-professional re-integration of people.

For the seventh time in a raw they are organizing an event called “Second Hand, Second Life” . They have asked 17 designers and 13 stylists to give a “second life” to some of the furniture and clothing they have collected. These one-off and very unique creations are then auctioned off to collectors at the end of a ceremony that will take place on this Friday the 16th of October in the “Tour & Taxis” hall in Brussels. This annual event is meant to promote their activity, but also to collect funds for the organization.

New design for a vintage rattan armchair

New design for a vintage rattan armchair

The “Experimenta One & Two” armchair are the result of a discussion between the old and the new, between the original “vintage” piece and its reclaimed modern transformation. The past, the original 1960’s rattan seat, as become the structural foundation for the new reclaimed one. Its origins are not at all hidden, just whitened and in a way blurred by the 3D woven textile cover. It is a combination between very old production techniques and extremely modern 3D weaving technologies. The inner qualities of the textile are used to redefine the object. Its strength gives it its unique shape, and its structure has made the connection between the cover and the existing chair very simple and almost invisible. The binding is made by some very small plastic auto-fastening cable clamps that entrap only one side of the 3D fabric to hold it in position.

The two seats are also an experimentation on the graphic weight of an object. Both armchairs are very similar, only the placement of two graphic stripes give them a unique personality. The emphasis it creates is meant to alters the perception and visual shape of the object.

The original

The original

The designers participating in the “Second Hand, Second Life” auction are:

Alain Berteau, Olivier Berghmans & Olivier Gilson, Michaël Bihain, Steven Brouns, Benoît Deneufbourg, Louis de Limburg Stirum, Hans De Pelsmacker, Nicolas Destino, Nedda El-Asmar, Alain Gilles, Linde Hermans, Pascal Koch, Gauthier Poulain, Pol Quadens, stefan schöning, Lennart Van Uffelen & le team ToMA Gerkens, Barbara Helft, Cedric Van Cauwenberghe, Charlotte Lancelot & David Richiuso

The stylists participating in the “Second Hand, Second Life” auction are:

Monsieur Bul, Lisa Colpaert, Fabienne Delvigne, An Eckers, Caroline Foulon, Sandrina Fasoli, Carine Gilson, les Hommes, Marius Pompon, Sigi, Edouard Vermeulen (NATAN), Team Petits Riens, Christian Wijnants.

to the Les Petits Riens website

more products by Alain Gilles @ Architonic

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