October 2021

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The structure’s outer concrete shell protects the interior’s wooden core, while solar cells built into the large, south-facing window provide all the energy the facility needs; photo L J B AS, E Marchesi, Statens Vegvesen

We’d like to talk to you about a delicate matter. The toilet. The WC. The lavatory. However you choose to refer to it, we all require regular access to this most prosaic of environments. Which is why it’s refreshing to see a number of recent public conveniences receive a greater degree of design consideration than has historically been the case. So, sit down, relax and don’t forget to flush…

(by Simon Keane-Cowell)


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Roadside Reststop Akkarvikodden by Manthey Kula; photo by Knut Hjeltnes

Set within panoramic and remote surroundings, on a narrow plateau between the mountains and the sea on the Lofoten archipelago in North Norway, this public restroom facility has been realised by the Oslo-based architectural practice Manthey Kula. Located along one of 18 National Tourist Routes in Norway, the austere, copper-coloured development has been designed to ‘shut the [intense, ever-present] scenery out.’ Structurally resembling a small ship, the reststop is made of welded steel plates, locally reinforced with steel flanges while its walls have been clad with glass panels which serve as a protective layer ‘preventing rust from discoloring the clothes of the visitors.’ (more…)

For technical support contact Alfred Giolai Roadside Reststop Akkarvikodden by Manthey Kula (NO)