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Wed 10.11.

‘Triomphe’ plywood table by USIN-e and Jerhome (FR)

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'Triomphe' by USIN-e, photo by Tiphaine Vasse

This smart and elegant dining room table was realised by the Lyon based designers Amaury Poudray and Rémi Bouhaniche of USIN-e, together with the French company Jerhome. ‘Triomphe’ is composed of robust massive legs and a smoothly curved plywood table top. The tension between the differently bent upper and the lower side gives the table top the necessary stability.


Mon 18.10.

‘MUIRYO’ by Michael Kainhofer (AT)

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'MUIRYO' carries ten times its own weight, by Michael Kainhofer

This lightweight plywood table was created by the Austrian designer Michael Kainhofer. Using CNC-optimised production process the designer tried to use as less material as possible. The applied plywood is only a few millimeters thick, this limitation led to a construction principle which is similar to paper folding techniques.


'Naoshima' by emiliana design studio, photo by syncro

The Barcelona based emiliana design studio, founded by Emili Padrós and Ana Mir recently completed this family of plywood furniture. The most sophisticated piece is the stool, which comes in three different heights. It combines four identical pieces of plywood to construct the seat. The empty spaces generated in the corners of the plywood seat make Naoshima a light and visually vibrant piece of furniture.


'Yes' by Victor Alm for Karl Andersson

‘Yes’ is one of the newest pieces produced by the Swedish manufacturer Karl Andersson & Söner. The elegant multi prpose chair is characterised by its subtly formed plywood backrest – its ergonomic shape seems to be the result of a folding rather than of a defined mould. ‘Yes’ was designed by Victor Alm, Swedish designer and co-founder of the Swedish manufacturing company Brikolör.


Fri 4.6.

‘LaClásica’ by Jesús Gasca for STUA (ES)

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'LaClásica' by Jesús Gasca for STUA

The Spanish manufacturer STUA presented this stackable chair, created by one of STUA’s principal designers Jesús Gasca. The seat and backrest are made from elegantly shaped plywood and are almost seamlessly connected to the solid wooden legs. The lower part of the seat features an injection white part, that merges the chair together and simplifies the aesthetic.

'LaClásica' by Jesús Gasca for STUA

'LaClásica' by Jesús Gasca for STUA

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Fri 23.4.

‘Bess’ and ‘Bessy’ by Stefan Diez for e15 (DE)

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'Bess' and 'Bessy' by Stefan Diez

After the successful launch of Stefan Diez’ first plywood chair ‘Houdini’ for e15, the German manufacturer presented at this year’s Milan Fair the second result of this fruitful collaboration. ‘Bess’ and ‘Bessy’ are an idyllic development of the dynamic construction of the ‘Houdini’ chair. Both consists of an upholstered seat and a back made from flexible oak-veneered plywood, which is not upholstered. The back is gracefully bent around the back of the seat to form the back rest.

'Bessy' by Stefan Diez

'Bessy' by Stefan Diez

'Bess' sofa by Stefan Diez

'Bess' by Stefan Diez

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We met Shin Azumi at this year’s Salone del Mobile – he was so kind to give us a short statement about his new creations for lapalma and Fredericia.

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Sat 17.4.

‘AP’ stool by Shin Azumi for lapalma (IT)

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'AP' chair by Shin Azumi for lapalma

Italian manufacturer lapalma presents this wonderful plywood stool designed by the Japanese born and London based designer Shin Azumi at this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan.

'AP' chair by Shin Azumi for lapalma

“This project began as an experiment to express the excellence of bent plywood in a maximized way.
The aim was not only to explore sculptural beauty, but to also maximize functionality within a minimal structure. The final result is a stool with a mono-coque structure, created from a single sheet of plywood. Unlike other stools there is no distracting division between its parts. The seat and body of the stool seamlessly merge from one to the other in a single fluid motion. The stool has a large contact area between itself and the floor to disperse the pressure”, the designer explains.

'AP' chair by Shin Azumi for lapalma

'AP' chair by Shin Azumi for lapalma

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