December 2021

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'Tours' bracelet by Claesson Koivisto Rune for DFTS Factory; photo by Fabian Björnstjerna

Sweden’s acclaimed design trio Claesson Koivisto Rune have recently collaborated with DFTS Factory and the groundbreaking result of this partnership has just been unveiled during this year’s Stockholm Design Week. Meticulously assembled from no less than 2208 individual plastic elements, ‘Tours’ is printed thanks to an innovative 3D manufacturing and selective laser sintering – ‘an additive manufacturing technique that uses a high power laser to fuse small particles of plastic, metal, ceramic or glass powders into a mass that has a desired 3-dimensional shape.’ Manufactured in Belgium, ‘Tours’ weights only 20 grammes and its production process takes four hours.


the fibreglass 'Formula chair' by Eero Aarnio for ADELTA, 1998

In the visual arts the term ‘plastic’ is used for any form of creation involving a medium that can be sculpted or moulded, but it is also the term for a type of material that revolutionised the twentieth century. The name of no other material describes so clearly the inherent property which makes plastic so unique – the ease with which it can be shaped.


Using a number of plastic chairs as an example Architonic outlines the metamorphosis of this item of furniture which more than any other is deeply involved in cultural history, charting how its design idiom and technology have changed in recent decades. (by Susanne Fritz)


read Susanne Fritz’s article on Architonic

'Cantilever 290' chairs by Steen Østergaard re-released by Nielaus

The Danish manufacturer Nielaus has reissued an updated version of Steen Østergaard’s now-iconic ‘Cantilever 290’ chair, which he first designed in 1966. The curvilinear, stackable design has been developed in fibreglass-reinforced polyamid and injection-moulded in one single operation. Presented earlier this month at the Copenhagen Design Week – CODE 11 – the chairs are available in number of colours such as: white, red, grey, black and lime, with or without the upholstered seat cushion. (more…)

Mon 15.8.

‘Comeback’ chair by Patricia Urquiola for Kartell (IT)

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'Comeback' chair by Patricia Urquiola for Kartell

The Spanish-born Milan-based designer and architect Patricia Urquiola has created this series of three chairs for the renown Italian manufacturer Kartell. A modern reinterpretation of the classic 18th-cantury Windsor chair, the glossy ‘Comeback’ features ‘a backrest consisting of seven “teeth” which spread out towards the lumbar region where they meet a reinforced hexagonal rim with slim shafts radiating down to join the seat’. The chair is available in three structural variations and a number of vivid colours. (more…)

'RAWtation' stool by Adi Zaffran

The name is not only a wordplay, it also captures it all. This beautiful and highly poetic collection of furniture was designed by the young Israel designer Adi Zaffran. Learning the industrial process of plastic rotational molding he discovered the potential of including raw organic elements into the process and developed a method which combines the organic and the synthetic without the need of cold joints or complex adjustments.


Thu 2.9.

‘RiK’ by Inon Retting (IL)

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'RiK' by Inon Retting

The young Israel designer and graduate from Bezalel Academy of Art in Tel Aviv Inon Retting realised this series of deep-drawn plastic stools. Manufacturing ‘RiK’ – Hebrew for ‘vacuum’ – Inon takes advantage of a certain characteristic one would usually describe as a process-related difficulty.


Tue 13.7.

Martino Gamper’s ‘Arnold Circus Stool’ in new colours

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Arnold Circus stool by Martino Gamper

This stackable rotation moulded plastic stool by Martino Gamper was designed for East London’s Arnold Circus as the “official” seating for annual events such as circus picnic, concerts and film events. The stool is part of a regeneration project – situated in the heart of Shoreditch, Arnold Circus is built on the rubble of old slums and part of Boundary Estate, one of London’s earliest social housing schemes.

Recently Martino Gamper launched the ‘Arnold Circus Stool’ in a range of new colours. It is available through his website.


Mon 12.7.

‘Sealed Chair’ by Francois Dumas (NL)

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'Sealed Chair' by Francois Dumas

The young French/Dutch designer and Eindhoven graduate Francois Dumas recently presented this smart series of chairs made from sealed plastic rods. After making them flexible by heating them in an oven Dumas clamps the pieces into different wooden templates. A welding technique that emphasises the melting of the plastic, a seal, connects the different components. Therefore the melted parts have to be joined by compressing together the compatible templates.


For technical support contact Alfred Giolai ‘Sealed Chair’ by Francois Dumas (NL)